In which I consider some pragmatic, rational responses to male violence

3 Sep

In which I consider some pragmatic, rational responses to male violence.

Brain sex does not exist

1 Sep

Well worth revisiting.

Brain sex does not exist.

The end of an era – with dire consequences for women and children

30 Aug Featured Image -- 1167

Originally posted on Radfem Groundhog Day:

Today is the last day that feminists run the Sydney domestic violence shelter “Elsie”, Australia’s first domestic violence shelter for women and children fleeing male violence. Elsie had its 40th anniversay earlier this year.

Back in 1974, the only place abused women and children could find temporary shelter was at a Salvation Army facility, which provided a bed for the night but banned traumatised families from residing there during the day, and provided no health, legal or social services. Most women ended up returning to their violent partners.

Feminist Anne Summers was then a 29-year-old post-graduate student at Sydney University when she saw a documentary based on Erin Pizzey’s Scream Quietly or the Neighbours Will Hear, about domestic abuse in England. As a result, after a two-day Women’s Commission Conference, plans were made to start a refuge in Sydney.

From there, a gradual development of feminist-run refuges were implimented…

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“Poor children are seen as worthless, as Rotherham’s abuse scandal shows”

28 Aug

Originally posted on Anti-Porn Feminists:

Have you ever tried to explain to a 14-year-old girl that she does not have to have sex with all her boyfriend’s friends to show that she loves him? That she has, in fact, been raped? Have you taken her on the bus to get her contraception, only to watch her throw the pills out of the window on the way back?

I had to do this, when young myself and working as a residential care worker. It was my duty to report a child missing if he or she did not come back to the home at night. For some girls, that was most nights. The police and my co-workers cheerily referred to these girls as “being on the game”.

If you want to know about ethnicity – as everyone appears to think this is key – these girls were of Caribbean descent, as were their pimps. The men…

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Today Trans Activists Jumped the Fuhrer

24 Aug


He would have been executed if he hadn’t killed himself. Problem solved. Go read some history.

Originally posted on Privilege Denying Tranny:


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Oh, the hyperbole!

4 Aug

Originally posted on Hypotaxis:

Recently, the Huffington Post gave a platform to a transactivist who, in order to open them up to harassment, actively seeks to publish and distribute personal information – home addresses, home numbers, photos – of women who disagree with him. He justified his actions by likening women who disagree with him to Hitler. (And I’m not linking the shit here, but if you want to find it, it’s called “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism” What Exactly Is It, And Why Does It Hurt?” By a person called Kelsie Brynn Jones.)

In the piece, the writer liberally employs use of the pejorative, TERF; TERF is a slur used against feminists whose feminism does not center around the wishes and desires of males. And for the most part, the piece is the same old drivel we’ve heard before from transgender activists with deeply hurt feels – lots of misinformation, and LOTS of hyperbole. Oh…

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Get My Mojo Going

21 Jul

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

For too long now, my trauma has been horrific.

It is body memories, it is apathy, it is exhaustion, it is feeling dead to emotions, it is wanting to cry or scream, it all that and more that I have no human words for.

I need to move it, I need to get my mojo working.

I do this best by confronting where the pain comes, confronting my truths that I am afraid to know.

I do this best by confronting the hate-speech of pro-sex trade lobby that is pouring trauma into my essence, and blocking my future.

I get my mojo back with courage, with allowing in my vulnerability, with a fierce warrior soul.

I write as one way to get my mojo going.

Where do I begin, when trauma is all round me and suffocating me.

I can write, and hope my choking keeps it distance.

I will…

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