“Everything I was Dreaming of is Gone” — How Climate Change is Spurring a Global Refugee Crisis to Rapidly Worsen

4 Sep

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Over the past two weeks, news of the plight of a swelling wave of refugees fleeing to Europe has filled the mainstream media. We looked on in horror at reports of innocent human beings fleeing destabilized countries in the Middle East, of people suffocating while stuffed into the backs of trucks, of drowned children washed up on the shores of nations their families had hoped would care for them.

It’s all a part of a growing global mass migration. A tragic dislocation and diaspora. But this time it’s not only birds, or polar bears, or fish, or walruses, or insects, or plants that are being forced to move by habitat and food loss, by toxified environments or by increasingly dangerous weather. It’s human beings too.

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“Everything I was Dreaming of is Gone”

(Dead Syrian toddler is not only a victim of…

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The Way Trans Activists “Argue” with “TERFS”

2 Sep

Originally posted on when women were warriors:

Listen up you truscum piece of shit, you’re a lesbophobic murderer and should drop fucking dead with your bigotry and HATE! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because someone thankfully directed your ignorant fucking ass here to get educated. Women* have vaginas*, and if you say we don’t one more time, I’m gonna rip your fucking head off, you abusive asshat! Women* are oppressed by dudebros* and dudebros* are the peeps with the willies*. Maybe if you got fucked once in a while, you’d be able to tell the difference, you prissy cuntface with all your anorexic ilk. Probably you’re all so damn ugly that no dudebro* wants you, so you don’t know what a dudebro* is anymore.

I was LITERALLY in the fucking fetal position last night because you said that transwomen are women! One lesbian commits suicide somewhere every time you say that!

I think it’s time we…

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Your (Personal) Therapy Is Political: Thoughts on “Against Therapy”

1 Sep

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I find myself wondering sad things sometimes. I wonder whether during the time of slavery, whether the slaves had higher rates of depression than the slave owners and free people from being beaten up and living under the constant threat of beatings and death. Would it be an unfortunate but fair assumption to make that they likely would have had higher rates of depression from being enslaved ? And would the answer possibly have been antidepressants ? Would therapy have been helpful for these depressed slaves ? If someone have tried to compassionately talk them through the experience of seeing their mother beaten or raped would that have helped lessen their pain ? Would we have felt a slave owner who offered his slaves antidepressants and therapy benevolent ? Or maybe the government could have paid for their antidepressants and therapy. It’s a sad thing to wonder how many of the slaves were “clinically depressed.”…

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QotD: “opinions are genders, personalities are genders, moods are genders”

1 Sep

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what’s next?

how about gendering animals? Fish are aquagender and have a fetish for water, dogs are caninegender, cats are felinegender, guinea pigs are cucumbergender or carrotgender….

Or food. If you like hot dogs you are sausagender and have more genders depending on the things you like on your hot dog. Same with pizza. For example you can be pizzagender and if you like more than one kind of pizza you are pizzafluid.

Or what about jobs? If you are a doctor you are doctorgender and if you get another job you are jobfluid. Or you can be a (oppressive) monojobber with only one job you entire life.

Or books/video games/. Are you a fantasygender, scifigender or a genrefluid? Are you straight but love gay movies? Congrats you are a hetero gaymovieromantic.

And every new gender comes with new exiting pronouns. :D

Yay more genders, more flags, more queer things…

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Sorry, Dudes: Exclusion from Femininity is Privilege, Not Oppression

1 Sep Featured Image -- 1784



Originally posted on Gender Detective - The Personal Blog of Jonah Mix:


Some days, queer theory feels like an elaborate practical joke.

I’m writing this after a good four hours spent in a marathon Twitter exchange, so forgive me if I’m a little short. The man in question was your average trans dude, berating women for their refusal to accept his identification as female; he did not take well to the news that, black choker and bad haircut aside, he wasn’t actually a woman. Over dozens of obnoxious Tweets, he accused so-called “TERFs” of “gatekeeping femininity,” “denying him womanhood,” and deciding that he wasn’t “worthy of the feminine.” Yes, he was actually claiming that his inability to wear fuck-me pumps was 1) due to the heartless machinations of radical feminists, and 2) evidence of oppression. Amazingly, all of this was said with a straight – and heavily painted – face.

This idea that men suffer greatly from being “denied” femininity is…

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Tweet this shit, or spin these yarns over a craft beer at your favorite sex-positive-poly-queer-trans-feminine bar and grille

29 Aug

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A collaboration with Hypotaxis.

About a month ago, AfterEllen.com published a lengthy trans-apologist piece absolving men-who-feel-like-women of all culpability in the destruction of women-only and lesbian space. The article was the usual, run-of-the-mill, “Why all you dykes gotta be so uptight?” bullshit espoused by liberal feminists who are far more concerned with protecting the delicate male ego than supporting women, much less lesbians. Unsurprisingly, the article culminated with the author expressing hope that the word “lesbian” will be diluted to accommodate men and no longer denote “female homosexual.”

The article was the same old trite, man-centric, mental-Cheetos one might find on Everydaymisogyny.com or the TransAdvocate: Lesbians are mean because they don’t want dick. Radical feminists are mean because their politics center women.

Predictably, the author of the AfterEllen.com article cited “internet sensation” Cathy Brennan as being the meanest mean of ALL TIMES, fixating on her as though she is the…

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Shades of a Canfield Ocean — Hydrogen Sulfide in Oregon’s Purple Waves?

28 Aug

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Are we already starting to awaken some of the horrors of the ancient hothouse ocean? Are dangerous, sea and land life killing, strains of primordial hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria starting to show up in the increasingly warm and oxygen-starved waters of the US West Coast? This week’s disturbing new reports of odd-smelling, purple-colored waves appearing along the Oregon coastline are a sign that it may be starting to happen.

Purple Waves

(Purple waves wash over the Oregon beach of Neskowin on August 15. A form of hydrogen sulfide consuming bacteria is known to color water purple. Is this an indicator that the deadly gas is present in Oregon’s waters? Image source: Jeanine Sbisa and Beach Connection.)

A Dangerous Beauty

Oregon beachgoers and ocean researchers alike are flummoxed. There’s something strange in the water. Something that’s coloring the waves of Oregon’s beaches purple even as the off-shore waters are painted…

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