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illustration B is a Venn diagram. Illustration A is Graphkin. Get it straight, PDT.

Originally posted on Privilege Denying Tranny:

10394125_898415226877368_4196526991840124496_nIs this even a graph? Well, since they believe that all they need to do to be a woman is to say they are then I guess this applies to graphs as well.


Here’s a dose of reality for ya…


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Cathy Brennan files legal copyright claim over ownership of RadFem Hub

29 Jan



Originally posted on GenderTrender:

GenderTrender received notification yesterday from that Cathy Brennan has filed a legal copyright claim of ownership for the now-archived website RadFem Hub.

Specifically, Ms. Brennan demanded that GenderTrender cease and desist in displaying the above screenshot of the RadFem Hub website header on the grounds that Brennan is the sole and legal owner of said intellectual property.

Cathy Brennan played no part in the creation of the RadFem Hub project, nor participated in the creation of its header or graphics design. She was reportedly brought on board just prior to the demise of the site, under verbal agreement that she would maintain the $50. a year URL costs in perpetuity, an agreement that was apparently reneged on in the space of one year. It is believed that Brennan produced no original content related to the site.

Brennan filed six other simultaneous copyright claims against this website for seemingly…

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Women are portals

25 Jan

Originally posted on when women were warriors:

I take this literally, but even taken metaphorically, the power still has implications. Every single living creature enters the world via a woman, and, most specifically, through our birth canals. So, if you have seen spirits, worked in magik, believe in other realms, or are an atheist, it doesn’t matter. It still stands that in order for a creature to come from wherever consciousness originates into the material world we’re in now, the way to get into this place is through a woman. We’re portals. If you sense or acknowledge anything beyond this plane of existence, the material and tangible place we’re currently residing, then everyone around you, animals included, got here by passing through the body of a woman. To the atheists, consider even the energy that goes into the creation of new life. According to Susun Weed, during a female’s reproductive years, her body is constantly…

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Choosing between misogyny and feminism: A practical guide

24 Jan

Originally posted on glosswatch:

I’ve written this post partly as a response to the recent behaviour of Rupert Read, the philosopher and Green MP who decided to be a half-hearted feminist for a bit then backed out once he realised that – surprise, surprise – feminists get loads of shit and said shit is, like, dead upsetting and stuff. It’s set me thinking on just how beneficial unacknowledged misogyny is to both men and women, and how so many people like to think they’re against the sexism but don’t link this to what would actually happen to them if they made a stand against the status quo. This is because people don’t really think about sexism very much, not even philosophers, but well, there you go. These are my thoughts on it and I don’t care whether you like them or not

Here are some things which will not happen if you speak out on…

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FETA and its attack on women: “gender rights.”

22 Jan

Originally posted on The Prime Directive:

The so-called “International Bill of Gender Rights,” not recognized by the UN despite its grandiose name, is a good starting point to discuss the fact that the ideology pushed by FETAs (Female-Erasing Trans Activists) is profoundly genderist and anti-feminist in nature. Not surprisingly, it was written by two individuals who were socialized as men (one of the two, JoAnn Roberts, was a crossdresser).

Gender Identity Watch states that the goals of the IBGR are threefold:

(1) elevate a Man’s “Gender Identity” over a Woman’s Sex and Sexual Boundaries

(2) destroy Women-only space

(3) eradicate the Category of Sex.

So let’s begin:

#1: The Right To Define Gender Identity

We already start with a problematic term, “gender identity.” As I’ve already discussed, trans activists treat “gender identity” as an innate preference which causes gender expression, but how we think of ourselves is the result of our gender expression and how…

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Stink Bombing Mexico

16 Jan Featured Image -- 1350

Originally posted on pensieri:

If you’ve ever been to a party with more than one room, you’ve experienced the sort of pseudo-osmosis that occurs: people naturally gravitate to the rooms with more space, so that all the rooms have approximately the same density of party guests in them. The unequal distribution of resources across the rooms — say, one room has all the refreshments — will cause slight variations in density, but still, guests will distribute themselves accordingly.  

A similar phenomenon naturally occurs with immigration, the flow of people between countries. But that flow can be disrupted if a space becomes intolerable for some reason. For example, when I was growing up, my grandparents had two houses: a large log cabin in Canada, and a tiny little one-room shack just south of the border. As a child, I questioned my grandmother about this. “We can’t move to Canada permanently,” she told me. “We have to have a…

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“Herself” – Does anyone really listen to what a naked woman says?

15 Jan


“The call is coming from inside the house.”

Originally posted on phonaesthetica:

Herself, a new “feminist” photo project currently making the rounds online, features lots of naked women. Created by a TV actress, Herself purports to “highlight’s women’s sexuality on their own terms” and “help demystify the female form, to assist in the erasure of coveting it, and to help celebrate the ever changing face of it.”

Sounds legit! I don’t know what “the erasure of coveting it” means (“you guys, let’s stop being jealous of each other’s boobs”)? but I’m all for demystifying the female form. If we can do that, why, perhaps we can successfully address female genital mutilation, breast cancer, bad hetero sex, child marriage, the practice of raping virgins to cure AIDS, and starvation dieting!

More background from the creator of Herself, who (offensively, to me) identifies as “a lesbian who has a male partner”:

My vagina has been an unending and constant source of turmoil…

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