What the hell does gender identity have to do with fracking?

6 Oct

Originally posted on Gender Is War:

On the blacklisting of eco-feminists

by Tara Prema

It’s a plot filled with anonymous denunciations, secret meetings, betrayal, dissidents, blacklists and infiltrators. For those just tuning in, this shitshow is the latest infighting on the left, where ideological purity and individual identity are all the rage – literally. Welcome to a new era of #LeftFail, where identity politics trumps everything, including strategy.

When we subtract the drama, what’s happened is that a couple of social justice groups (mostly hyper-moral ultra-leftist white college kids) has launched a campaign to blacklist people who disagree with their answer to a philosophical question. It’s not a question about the nature of capitalism or justice or exploitation or some other relevant topic, though. The question that’s tying the left in knots is: “What is a woman?”

If you answer, “An adult female human,” you could be blacklisted.

The correct answer nowadays is, “Anyone who identifies…

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From the blog, The dirt from Dirt “A Web of Lies-The TRUTH about Testosterone and Hematocrit Levels in FTM Transgenders”

25 Sep

Originally posted on Stop Trans Chauvinism:

A Web of Lies-The TRUTH about Testosterone and Hematocrit Levels in FTM Transgenders

I’ll begin by first defining hematocrit:

Hematocrit is the proportion of your total blood volume that is composed of red blood cells. A hematocrit (Hct) test indicates whether you have too few or too many red blood cells”.

Typical normal range of red blood cells in adult males and females are as follows:

Despite Transgender Identity Politic’s disruption of language with wishful thinking over biology, male biology and female biology, for all their similarities, ARE different both within and without.

Some basics about FEMALE cardiovascular systems:

  •  “There may be fundamental differences in the way women’s hearts work.”
  • “Women with heart disease may have different symptoms than men.”
  • “Tests that reliably pick up signs of heart damage in men don’t always work in women.” 
  • Women have smaller hearts and arteries than…

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Catching Up With Myself

22 Sep

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

This post is very personal, and I hope that personal bleeds into the political.

I want to what made who I had to be, what made me who I fight to return to.

I am sure I was born as a blank canvass, sure my personality and reason to know that I am human grow with experience – good or bad.

I was not born to be brought and sold, I was not born so men could make into a sexual doll.

I was not born to know and understand what torture is.

I was not born to want to die for too many years of my life.

I was born, like all babies – with wonder, with simple needs and rights, with the search for love.

I was born to reach what was my purpose – not to have my way blocked by male violence and hate.

But even as…

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A Sparkly Unicorn Answers Some Questions

21 Sep

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New Release: “Not Drowning, But Second Waving”

20 Sep

Originally posted on Radfem Repost:


CD: £12 UK, £16 elsewhere.

Lyrics and chords are downloadable as a pdf and will shortly be available as a book.

Downloadable lyric and chord book £3.

Digital album £7

All the songs can be heard and purchased as separate tracks or as the whole album on the album download link page.

Available at Ali Bee Music.

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QotD: Throwaway Children

15 Sep

Originally posted on Anti-Porn Feminists:

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children – Nelson Mandela.

As a detective Steve Fontana has done the hard yards and with 40 years at the sharp end felt there was little left that could leave him shocked.

He was wrong.

As Assistant Commissioner (Crime) he had assigned a group of his detectives to identify Internet child porn offenders. Years earlier he investigated sex offenders and wanted to see how computer networks had changed the landscape.

And so late last year he was shown an example of the type of material that is now produced for a growing and frightening international market.

First the office was cleared so no one else would accidentally be subjected to this horror that defies understanding.

The screen showed an infant tortured on an online site. And while the images were distressing it…

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Why Not Decriminalize Trafficking While We’re At It?

12 Sep Featured Image -- 1798

Originally posted on Gender Detective - The Personal Blog of Jonah Mix:


Most objections to the Nordic Model – laws criminalizing the purchase of sex, but not its sale – rely on one of two sets of talking points. First is the proud misogyny of men who oppose abolitionism solely because it prevents their easy access to the bodies of female strangers. But among those who consider themselves feminists, progressives, and Leftists, the greatest opposition to criminalizing pimps and johns comes from claims about the adverse effects those laws will have on prostituted women themselves. Spurred by Amnesty International’s ruling on the issue, the last month or so has seen dozens of articles, blog posts, and editorials attempting to show that the Nordic Model stigmatizes, starves, endangers, and (according to one blog post sent to me recently) “literally rapes and murders” women.

The majority of these objections are either intentionally misleading or just false.  For example, defenders of decriminalization often claim the…

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