Shades of a Canfield Ocean — Hydrogen Sulfide in Oregon’s Purple Waves?

28 Aug

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Are we already starting to awaken some of the horrors of the ancient hothouse ocean? Are dangerous, sea and land life killing, strains of primordial hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria starting to show up in the increasingly warm and oxygen-starved waters of the US West Coast? This week’s disturbing new reports of odd-smelling, purple-colored waves appearing along the Oregon coastline are a sign that it may be starting to happen.

Purple Waves

(Purple waves wash over the Oregon beach of Neskowin on August 15. A form of hydrogen sulfide consuming bacteria is known to color water purple. Is this an indicator that the deadly gas is present in Oregon’s waters? Image source: Jeanine Sbisa and Beach Connection.)

A Dangerous Beauty

Oregon beachgoers and ocean researchers alike are flummoxed. There’s something strange in the water. Something that’s coloring the waves of Oregon’s beaches purple even as the off-shore waters are painted…

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The Walled-In Women

21 Aug Featured Image -- 1776

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By Selma Nieuwoudt (aka Selma Newforest)

“….and she scores!” For 90 minutes the screen of her mobile made her small enough to squeeze through the bars of her holding cell. As the joy of watching agile feet fades, she gathers courage to climb her mountains for the day: laundry, floors, a bath if there is energy to spare. On good days, she chops wood and gather pine cones for the winter hearth.

She makes art during the always-too-short times when her medication kicks in. Some days she has to scuffle alongside the walls when the pain pulls her inside herself. Visitors are a fantasy, and phone calls dried up when her tongue and throat turned to stone.

She is a walled-in woman. Isolated, fatigued, pain-gnawed. The internet is the window in her cell and she does more than look at the view. She is a feminist. She fights for women…

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Interview With Kathy Mandigo

20 Aug

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Watch here.

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City On The Hill

20 Aug


Saying thanks.

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By Miep


I am from Los Angeles. I was a child there. I left and came back several times.

And when I finally left for good, L.A. invaded my dreams.

I would be walking, up and down Colorado, or Pico Boulevard, or more frequently, inland. I would be stranded around Century City, trying to figure out which way the ocean was. I would look to the horizon, and I would start walking again.

These dreams went on for years. Rarely, I’d make it to the coast. And then, I’d start walking north up the beach, towards Malibu. I would walk and walk. And eventually I would grow tired and walk back, or else I would wake up. Sometimes I’d wind up down by Marina del Rey. This went on for ages. And I was usually carrying all this baggage around, unsuccessfully trying to keep it from getting lost.

Once, though…

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Recent Events at Orwell Correctional Institution

18 Aug Featured Image -- 1770

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By Vliet Tiptree

Something is afoot at the Orwell Correctional Institution. There are stirrings at this large venerable penistentiary, which seems as old as the oceans which border it on both sides.

The prisoners are restless. The Warden and the guards know something is coming and have been especially vigilant removing suspected troublemakers to Solitary lately.

Orwell is a minimum-security prison. The prisoners are non-violent and receive more privileges than at other places in the System. This means they need a firm guiding hand, as prisoners given an inch will try to take a mile.

Orwell is one of only a few minimum-security facilities worldwide. There are plenty of maximum-security prisons elsewhere, some quite strict. The prisoners in those places are seldom heard from. They communicate only through lacy slots in their iron doors. No need for books in those places – the prisoners weren’t allowed to learn to…

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Gossiping Women: The Attacks on Mumsnet

18 Aug

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Today the website Mumsnet announced that it had come under various forms of electronic attack, and that one of its employees had been harassed offline. They are advising anyone who has an account with the site to change their passwords, and are contacting some members who have definitely been hacked. This has been linked to a Twitter account called DadSecurity, which announced it was attacking the site and also gloated about the offline harassment before it took place.

I’m not an expert in tech, but this situation doesn’t seem to need much knowledge of IT to understand. Given the name of the Twitter account, and the hassle which Mumsnet has had with anti-feminists in the past, this looks like a straightforward case of women being harassed because they dared to have a space of their own. There’s a continuum to be seen here with all sorts of denigration which the…

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A Deep Betrayal

18 Aug

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

Last week, Amnesty International made the decision to back the decriminalisation of all aspects the sex trade.

This is about saying buying a human as sexual goods should become a human right.

That laws preventing profiteering/pimping should be taken down.

What it not about is the safety or mental welfare of the prostituted.

This is the biggest betrayal I have ever experience in my lifetime – and if it becomes normalised, it will lead to decades of the sexual slavery continuing without interference.

Last week, I was too heartbroken and full of trauma to write. Now I will to personal and political, why I and so exited women are so angry and deeply hurt.

I will look at some of Amnesty’s slogans and how they have chosen to ignore them.


This is the most sickening part of this new policy.

It would appear that the prostituted are…

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