her morally delinquent concepts are upsetting good people all around the world

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I Iz Not Attention Seeker!!! lmao, wwww

Originally posted on when women were warriors:

I’m having a pretend conversation with this woman who posted an article that made me scratch my head for 5 minutes straight. Haven’t been blogging much lately, but have been hovering and reading blogs and taking stuff in. Then I choked on this and had to retort.

It was originally posted here.

You’ll notice it’s no longer there, but it was recorded by Cathy here.

The whole article is also below, but I keep interrupting her in Ubuntu Dark Aubergine font. Her words are in lime green.

What is it with Cathy Brennan and her love for transmisogyny?

Originally posted on 11/26/2014

So yesterday I started to indulge in a little bit of reading about the self-confessed ‘gender-atheist’ Cathy Brennan. At first, whilst reading her contemptible opinions about transgender women, I was more than incensed and quite frankly, damn right astonished at her utter deluded and unfounded wordshit.


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Separating Lesbian Theory from Feminist Theory, by Cheshire Calhoun

27 Nov


Of course lesbianism isn’t entirely about resistance, that would be a profoundly negative construct. Do people really believe that?

Not sure about the second one though. The collapse of the patriarchy would mean the end of male dominance, so women would be free to choose, including to choose not to be associated with men., as men would be able to choose not to be associated with women, an option that really is much more available for men than the aforementioned women.

Originally posted on Revolutionary Combustion:

Separating Lesbian Theory from Feminist Theory

written by Cheshire Calhoun
Vol. 104, No. 3 (Apr., 1994), pp. 558-581
Published by: The University of Chicago Press
Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2381979
To be used for educational purposes only.
First, lesbianism ought not to be read solely as resistance to patriarchal male-female relationships. One misses a good deal of what it means to live life as a lesbian as well as much of the political significance of lesbian practices by doing so. Second, even if empirically and historically heterosexual dominance and patriarchy are completely intertwined, it does not follow from this fact that the collapse of patriarchy will bring about the collapse of heterosexual dominance.10 Heterosexual society may simply adapt to new social conditions. Thus it is a mistake for feminists to assume that work to end gender subordination will have as much payoff for lesbians as it would for heterosexual women.

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Bird Sacrifice Day

27 Nov

Bird Sacrifice Day

I decided to celebrate National Colonization Celebration and Bird Sacrifice Day by working on my vegan black bean molé recipe. Current version as follows:

Cook two little cans of black beans with one little can of tomatoes and some stock until the beans soften up more. Add one smoked chipotle chile, or two if you want it pretty hot. Also some oregano, cumin, ground red chile. Sauteé half a chopped red bell pepper and a medium Spanish onion, and some garlic, until starting to brown, add that, and some corn if you like. Also some chopped green chile. And also some tahini and minced raw almonds and raisins. And a big spoonful of cocoa powder and some cinnamon.

This is as close as I’ve gotten to the molé memories of my youth, which also include this being great with chicken, but I’d have to find some ethically raised chicken first in order to stomach it. Also of course you can use fresh tomatoes if you can find any fresh tomatoes that don’t suck, and cook your own beans if you have a pressure cooker or live at a lower altitude where it doesn’t take like forever even with purified water.

Chilpotles in a little can are wonderful, they last for months in the refrigerator and add a fine smoky flavor. The traditional molé recipes I’ve found call for hand-grinding several very specific varieties of chile, also seeds and nuts, so I cheated a bit here. I thought about using pecans, what with having a lot of pecans handy, but I don’t know that the flavor would blend as well as the sesame seeds (tahini) and almonds.

This recipe is vaguely reminiscent of posole, which is pork and hominy (expanded corn) and green chile and seasonings. Or it can be other things. 

I like working with local cuisines, because I can get the ingredients close at hand, so Mexican it is. And it is also a good reminder of those from whom we Anglos stole this place, to celebrate Colonization Remembrance Day by appreciating these excellent dishes.

Aftermath of semi-personhood

27 Nov

Timely…and oh, so sad.

Kourtney Mitchell on the War on Women

26 Nov

Interview from last month, really good and got little attention.

Regarding this article:


This is good stuff.

*Breaking News* Reclaim The Night London 2014

22 Nov


Truth hurts huh dudes?

Originally posted on GenderTrender:

UK Reclaim the Night flyer. Front and Back. Click to Enlarge.

UK Reclaim the Night flyer. Front and Back. Click to Enlarge.


reclaim the night uclu


women's association reclaim the night


reclaim the night transphobia2


HAPPENING NOW. Updates will be posted here as they emerge.


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Apology, Agenda and Promise

20 Nov

Apology, Agenda and Promise

How to deal with fuckups. 

First, work out what you did wrong and how your reaction was toxic. Passive aggressive? Irresponsible? Involving out of control anger?

Okay. What triggered that anger? What happened that left you feeling that the consequences of your actions could now be hopelessly random, or at least sort of random, because despair and hopelessness?

What was the hurt? What were you trying to protect?

Sort that out some and then think about how you could have managed this better if you’d backed off some first and slowed down. 

Maybe someone pissed you off. Maybe someone pissed *her* off. This shit is endless.

But you can stop it. You can stop it by ending the conversation and backing off. You do not have to win conversations.

After you think about conflicts, you may realize that you engaged in boundary transgressions. Maybe you said cruel things, maybe you shared inappropriately with other parties. There are many ways to transgress boundaries.

Apologies may be needed. First, explain and admit how you fucked up. 

It’s important to acknowledge how it was wrong. Were you avoidant, passive aggressive? Did you deflect anger towards one person and drag other parties into it?

Agenda and promise: Explain what you plan to do in order to attempt to rectify the damage you have done, and also how you are committed to not furthering any more of it.

And, hardest of all, perhaps: be open to feedback from the offended party.

And no, this was not easy to write. Done though.


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