Things That Don’t Work

27 May

Pornifying a sexually repressed culture will not free us, any more than turning over a coin will make it not be a coin.

Any more than not opening the refrigerator will keep the contents from rotting.

Any more than telling the child to stop acting out, will end her abuse.

Any more than pretending she must pretend to be a member of the opposite sex, will stop her fears.

Let’s Talk About Male Violence

26 May

Originally posted on BigBooButch:

Note: in this and other blog post(s), you will notice that I use women and females as well as men and males interchangeably. That is because I reject the silly notion that female and male are sexes while woman and man are genders. A woman is an adult female and a man is an adult male, so they work hand-in-hand and can be used interchangeably.


Let’s talk about male violence. Because it is a real thing and it takes the spirits, souls, and lives of women. Male violence is real, whether it is males or trans males doing the violence, it is the same across the board and we should not be afraid to name it.

Male violence.

Male violence is men, including those who claim to be women, on Twitter threatening to rape women, simply because women disagree with them on any number of topics, from feminism, to…

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The Darkness of Ordinary Men

26 May


This is so good.

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

This post is about how ordinary punters are – how their hate, violence and evil hearts hide behind the facade of being just another bloke.

This post is not about statistics, it is not saying this is fact – no, it more important than that, it is a record of one exited woman who hears and channels generations of the cruelty that punters place into the prostituted class.

There is no true statistics or facts about who the punters are, they hide in plain sight.

They hide as the media say they are the real victims of the sex trade.

They hide as we choose to believe only sad, lonely and dysfunctional men would consume the prostituted.

They hide behind the image of being gentlemen who have respect and give large rewards to the prostituted.

They hide as young men just having a wild Friday or Saturday night out.


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I have a vested interest.

24 May


Good piece.

Originally posted on Tenure, She Wrote:

In the fourth grade, I was obsessed with marine science and sonar technology, and I’d spend Saturday afternoons watching The Hunt for Red October instead of Saved by the Bell. That summer, I toured a Navy sub in dry dock– my first time! — and I asked the officer leading the tour when we’d be going to the sonar room. “Sorry, kid. It’s classified,” he said. Masking my disappointment, I replied that it was okay, because I was going to be a sonar technician when I grew up, and I could wait until then. “But they don’t let girls on subs,” was the officer’s surprised reply, as he looked at me as if I’d sprouted horns. When I asked why not, he told me I wouldn’t want to be stuck on a sub with a bunch of smelly guys anyway. My “Then…why aren’t there submarines for just girls?” got no reply.

So, I have a vested…

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Internet News

22 May

You can carry on endlessly about how angry you are about everything and you can well be correct, but eventually you’re going to have to go outside.image

The Story of the Cat

22 May


My other new blog

Originally posted on ImNotSureAboutAnything:

Today was a good day. I killed.

I am born to kill. These creatures who attend me don’t understand that. They feed me stuff in cans, they call it “mouse food.” It doesn’t all taste the same though. And when I catch what they call “mouse,” and eat parts and then bring these creatures the rest of the bodies as a tribute, they are angry. And the heads of these things I catch and eat don’t taste like “mouse food” either.

Today, though, I caught and killed a flyer. I feasted on the breast and left mostly feathers. I will sleep well fed now.


Light is coming. I am by this thing the not-me creatures call “window.” I will lie here and sleep and warm and wait.


Time for more “mouse food.” The flyer pieces are gone. I don’t know what happens to them.

Light is gone. Air…

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White Trans Dude Invades Australian Aboriginal Community

22 May

Transgender woman Starlady explains why she moved to the desert six years ago

The transgender woman who grew up identifying as a gay man says she has never felt more like herself than with the world’s most ancient people in outback Australia.
The Queen of the Desert first started working with young people in indigenous communities in 2000 but moved to the desert permanently six years ago.
She says she spends her time working with youth, focusing on LGBTI issues and working with transgender girls and boys who would otherwise have no access to support services of any kind.
“But they still like to look good. To encourage their creative side, Starlady offers hairdressing and fashion workshops. She says the young people she works with love it.
“Bright colours like red, pink, orange, they already existed. I just helped develop their style. That’s been really exciting. They’ve got a really unique and edgy style that we don’t see anywhere else.”


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