When “Paternalism” is Worse Than Commercial Rape: #StateofExtraction and the New Manarchist

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Last weekend, the State of Extraction conference was held at Simon Frasier University in the unceded Coast Salish territories of British Columbia. In their words:

The goal of The State of Extraction is to bring together indigenous leadership, academics, artists and public intellectuals from a variety of disciplines, activists engaged in various struggles related to resource extraction (including oil, gas, coal and rare earth metals), representatives of affected communities from the global north and south, and the general public to examine the new face of resource capitalism in Canada and its influence on the world; the (lack of) public debate about such issues and the role of resource capitalism in structuring (and frustrating) such debate; as well as alternative models of economic and social development.

I’m about halfway through the keynotes and the majority of them are absolutely fantastic. A special mention should go to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges…

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The Trans Novel

26 Mar

Originally posted on Bureaucromancy:

An interesting piece I got in my reader:


Caveat: I have read none of these books. My dad tried to persuade me to read Middlesex, I tried and didn’t like it. So I’m discussing concepts rather than literary merit (something I am not competent to discuss anyway).

While this article made some good points, there were some weird places too. The author complains about non-trans (I will not use the term “cis”) people writing stories where trans people are seen as heroes/heroines in an epic sense. But this is the narrative we are given by many trans people themselves, as well as being something readers see in all genres of fiction about everyone. All the way back to the earliest writings, we have the quest undertaken, and the victory (sometimes partial, sometimes Pyrrhic) won. It doesn’t seem strange to me that this would show up in fiction centering around…

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Are There No Sweatshops?

26 Mar

“It’s a common sight at dusk and dawn in China’s public parks and plazas — hordes of elderly women meet to exercise together, dancing synchronized routines while blasting loud music.
Mass public dancing to music of all styles has long been popular with retirees, with some even breaking out moves in international public spaces, from Moscow’s Red Square to outside the Louvre in Paris.
But the raucous music and large groups have become a nuisance for many Chinese residents who live near popular sites. Some are so annoyed that they’ve reportedly dumped poop on the dancing grannies.
Beijing is eager to restore public order. So it has approved 12 dance routines developed by China’s General Administration of Sports and Ministry of Culture, set to appropriate songs that the grannies must now pick up and learn if they want to continue shimmying their way through public spaces.
“From today, public dances will no longer vary by neighborhood, but will become nationally unified,” state media reported.”




That Word Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

23 Mar


You always cut through the crap, Roslyn.

Originally posted on the one who writes:


And what word is that word? Sex Trafficking. Think about it. When you hear the word sex trafficking, do you think about some poor girl in a foreign country forced by her circumstances into porn/prostitution commercial rape? I’ll bet you do, because that’s the image we’ve been fed, essentially forever. Did you know that commercial rape is a 9.5 BILLION dollar a year industry in THIS COUNTRY? Did you know the average victim age is 13-14? Did you know that one in three teen runaways will be lured into commercial rape within 48 hours of leaving home? These aren’t poor kids “over there,” you know in those fucked up countries where something bad is always happening. Nope, this is right here in the United States.

Top Twenty Cities for Human Trafficking

• El Paso
• Los Angeles
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Charlotte
• Miami
• Las Vegas
• New York
• Long Island
• New Orleans
• Washington, D.C.

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Yoo Hoo

20 Mar



Originally posted on 4thWaveNow:

4thWaveNow is a place for other open-minded parents of  “gender non-conforming” girls and women who are questioning the dominant trans-driven paradigm. Note please: It’s not a place for homophobes or religious zealots who think their offspring will go to hell for making the wrong choices. It’s for clear thinkers who aren’t afraid to call the trans agenda what it is: a regressive cult.

It’s lonely for parents like us. Nowadays, a mother or father who questions whether lifelong drugs and surgery—leading to permanent, lifelong physical and psychological changes—is the right thing for their child is vilified.

This blog is also a place for women-born-women (sorry—I’m
not really interested in hearing from transwomen) of all ages who are troubled
by the trans phenomenon. I especially want to hear from detransitioned FTMs, or
women or girls who are teetering on the edge, wondering whether to “transition,”
but at least open to the idea that they can continue to claim…

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Jazz Jennings

16 Mar


Straight on.

Originally posted on Bureaucromancy:

It’s 1.30 am and I’m going to talk more about sex! And gender.

The newest catchphrase that I heard is GNC (gender non conforming). Which is great, because there’s now a small word for me, and I can stop describing myself as a sweary bastard with a crewcut and a uniform fetish.

The “GNCs” now get stuck in the “trans*” box. They need special treatment. They may want to transition! In fact, they should be encouraged to! It could be just what will fix them!

I find this concept really fucking disturbing. What’s probably actually going to happen is we turn out to be gay.

Pictures of me as a small child show me with a crewcut as well (you can pick me out, I’m the only girl in my primary school photos with hair that short). I used to be second in command of the Top of the Street…

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A Sister on Transactivism

15 Mar

Originally posted on eachone:

(*NB not my work)

“So I came across the following graphic. Note the definition: “[Trans] encompasses *any* individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions.”

transgender umbrella for blog

By this definition (which seems to be the prevalent one, at least on social media and left-leaning publications of all stripes), women in STEM fields are “trans.” Lesbians and gay men are also “trans.” Radical feminists are most definitely “trans.” In fact, it leaves no room for the possibility of labeling anyone as “cis,” provided they challenge the limitations of socially constructed gender in any way, personally or politically.

What the definition leaves out (rather disingenuously, in my opinion) is the qualifier “provided you choose some form of ‘gender identity’ and label yourself accordingly, thus bypassing and dismissing any meaningful analysis of gender and how it operates in society.”
The fact that transactivists who promote the definition in the…

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