Get My Mojo Going

21 Jul

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

For too long now, my trauma has been horrific.

It is body memories, it is apathy, it is exhaustion, it is feeling dead to emotions, it is wanting to cry or scream, it all that and more that I have no human words for.

I need to move it, I need to get my mojo working.

I do this best by confronting where the pain comes, confronting my truths that I am afraid to know.

I do this best by confronting the hate-speech of pro-sex trade lobby that is pouring trauma into my essence, and blocking my future.

I get my mojo back with courage, with allowing in my vulnerability, with a fierce warrior soul.

I write as one way to get my mojo going.

Where do I begin, when trauma is all round me and suffocating me.

I can write, and hope my choking keeps it distance.

I will…

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“Some Basic Propositions About Sex, Gender and Patriarchy”

21 Jul

Originally posted on Anti-Porn Feminists:

Following on from yesterday’s post re-blogging Deep Green Resistance’s support for Robert Jensen, here’s a quote from Jensen’s article which has led him to be ostracised by a book store/cafe/meeting place that claims to be ‘something radically different’.

Jensen’s piece is mild, calm and balanced, and the fact that he is being treated in this way just shows how powerful trans ideology is; any questioning, even in the most balanced and respectful terms, is now a thought crime.

I want to specifically quote the section of his article titled ‘ecology’ as, while the rest of the article is pretty 101 (this is an observation, not a criticism), I have not seen the ecological argument (which covers all ‘big medicine’, not just the ‘sex reassignment’ industry) spelt out so well before.

Many people, whether radical feminist or not, are critical of high-tech medicine’s manipulation of the body through the reckless use…

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Jayaben Desai, Inspirational female leader of the Gunwick Strike

14 Jul

Originally posted on Shack Diaries:

Jayaben Desai died age 77 in 2010.

She was born in Gujarat, India and later moved to London. Like many other women in the 1970’s, she was employed as cheap labour in a factory, the Grunwick factory.

The workers were allowed no trade union and many were paid very little for working very long hours. In August, 1976, after being asked to do yet more overtime, Jayaben walked out of the factory with her son. Her parting words to her manager were:

‘What you are running here is not a factory, it is a zoo. There are many types of animals. Some are monkeys who will dance on your fingertips. Others are lions who can bite your head off!

We are those lions Mr Manager!’

Soon there were 137 workers from the factory on strike, protesting about conditions and calling for union recognition.

This was the first time a trade…

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“Ultra Violent” Transgender Teen “Jane Doe” transferred to male facility after assaulting another female victim

14 Jul


“Male activists defended the youth by proposing that targeting women and girls for violence is a natural response for males who have survived abuse by other males. The teen’s previous assaults include multiple acts of battery against juvenile females, stabbing a female juvenile with a fork, breaking a female staffer’s jaw, blinding a female staffer by repeated kicks to the head, and smearing his feces.”

Kind of says it all.

Originally posted on GenderTrender:

Male activists at "Justice For Jane" rally (photo credit: WNPR)

Male activists at “Justice For Jane” rally (photo credit: WNPR)

The transgender male Connecticut teen being called “Jane Doe” has been transferred to a juvenile male facility today after committing another assault on a teenage girl and a staffer on Saturday night in the all-female psychiatric facility where he had been housed.

Readers will recall that the young man, with a history of serial violence against women and girls, had been transferred in April from the custody of the Department of Children and Families to the Department of Corrections, and placed in a private cottage at an adult female prison facility because no juvenile female space was equipped to accommodate violent male offenders. Connecticut State Gender Identity laws prevented the male teen from being transferred to any one of the many appropriate juvenile units because the law makes a distinction between those male teens who may have special vulnerabilities…

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Is liberal feminism even feminism any more?

6 Jul Featured Image -- 1146

Originally posted on Radfem Groundhog Day:

Firstly, what feminism is: Feminism is a political movement for the emancipation and liberation for all females, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, reproductive status, disability status, etc.

Secondly, what feminism is not: Feminism is not a catch-all social justice movement (although sometimes areas that affect women do become highlighted). Feminism is not a social club, after school activity at uni, an identity, or a hobby. Feminist is not something you are by virtue of your birth as a female.

While feminism may benefit other members of society (ie males) that is not our primary aim, more of a knock-on effect. This can be seen in the very few countries with a female majority government in combination with feminist principles. In short, all of society benefits from female liberation, disproving the (MRA) lie that a matriarchy is just the reverse of a patriarchy with males becoming the oppressed…

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America, We Love You

5 Jul

“America, we love you as the child loves the father who 
sits slobbering in his corner eating flies and spiders.” 
-Paul Kantner 

I’ve been living in Eddy County for nineteen years
I’ve been living in Carlsbad since 1998

And I haven’t been out of town since 2008

No, I don’t identify with them
I hate them with a great passion

I am here to bear witness
And to become strong

And I’ve gotten so strong
That it’s just about killing me.


I am angry

5 Jul

Originally posted on Feminists Unknown's Blog:

The last three weeks have passed in static-filled silence. A white noise that blankets the bottom of my brain and forms a barrier between my perception and myself. I am somewhere stranded on the other side of the steady crackle, and in the meanwhile, I go through motions, and when I come to a stop, I stare.

This is not unfamiliar. When I was young, and didn’t know myself, the absence would amplify itself interminably. The strain of disconnection and the rising panic, bouncing off the walls of my skull as time slowed to a stop. The thick afternoon light falling in fat triangles as the world goes on, purposively, outside the window. The dead weight of a blank, silently-screaming eternity.

I know myself better now. I don’t panic. I soon notice the signs. I hear the crackle, and am blessedly certain that I am still there on the other side…

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