Who Is In Charge?

1 Dec

Here we go merrily, merrily
Here we go merrily, with all our machines

Fumbling, bumbling, tumbling

Further along, we’ll learn all about it
Further along, we’ll understand why

I wrote today of property, science, and nuclear death
As if these presented separate problems that we might address
At our convenience.

As if they did not all present a sort of unified religious theory
About us.

Us and our gods
Whom we don’t seem to know
How to do without

We remake them every time we forsake them
Like jilted lovers hounding the doorsteps of strangers
Because anybody is better than nobody
Even if they call the cops
Even if they kill you
At least it’s a form of contact.

At least you know somebody was paying attention
There at the end, and that they cared
Bad strokes are better than no strokes at all.

There are stories of other religions
But we’ve largely forgotten them, fixated as we are
On our gadgets.

We know more and more
Of the bitter end
The brutal slap, the sweet release.

The final exit. But the show must go on
Like any hell, this is eternity

And as with any true sin
We get exactly what we deserve
We really did ask for it
Now if only
We could remember
What made this seem so important
So necessary
So much more critical
Than the smell of honey locust in the spring
The flight of the hawk at dawn
The slow slither of snails

If only we could remember
Just who did this to us
Maybe then, we could start to learn.






What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People

27 Nov

1867A4E1-444A-4110-82FF-9E16C488D7ADThis meme is absolutely horrible. Wasps and bees are almost all female, and they both play their parts in healthy natural communities. Adult wasps capture insect larvae to feed their young, sometimes spiders, a few parasitize spiders. This meme is a horrible misrepresentation. Whoever made this is either no feminist or else doesn’t care about the natural living world, or both. Disgusting.

I found this meme on “Women’s Liberation Front” on Facebook. Who is in charge there? Serious feminists would not let this slide. Fucking embarrassment.


A few thoughts on lesbian fiction

24 Nov

Good analysis here.

Purple Sage

An article written by lesbian author Julia Diana Robertson talks about how a publication changed her words when they published her interview, making her sound less lesbian and more “queer.”

“Among other things, throughout the interview, where I said “lesbian” the word lesbian was changed to “queer.”

Why were words I would never use to describe myself or my novel, like “queerness” and “LGBTQ” and “gender presentation,” put into my mouth?”

This article provides a perfect illustration of the sneaky ways in which lesbians are erased by “queer” culture. Queer culture doesn’t like the word lesbian, because it’s too specific, and because it describes women whose sexuality excludes men. Queer culture prefers to promote the idea of “queer women” instead. Queer women are any women who defy the traditional conservative norms of sexuality, sometimes by engaging in sex with other women, or sometimes by engaging in other outlawed forms of…

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17 Nov


14 Nov

92EE5961-EBB9-4DDD-B9A2-4F570FFB903DI don’t know who made this extraordinary piece of art, other than that their name is Garcia.

update: Daniel Garcia Art on Facebook



Why Do You Hate Prairie Dogs, Facebook?

11 Nov

A37313A3-3A02-49C5-9EFF-9D77FCDCB11FFacebook is giving bans to and threatening the Prairie Protection Colorado page for calling out developers who just recently unnecessarily poisoned prairie dogs in Colorado. Several posts were deleted and an admin was given a ban.

This is outrageous. Please help them fight this outrageous censorship.














Through the Veil

9 Nov

Pray for Calamity

My wife and daughter are asleep, so I move quietly through our small house. Stepping into my shin-high mud boots, I pull my heavy coat over my arms, flipping the hood forward over my head. Gravel crunches under my feet as I take the few steps across my driveway to the ring of bucked maple logs stood on end that encircle my fire pit. Sitting down onto one of these pieces of damp wood I exhale into the cold night. Fog from my mouth drifts upwards and I follow it with my eyes. The moon is two days shy of full but its glow remains mostly diffused by a curtain of thick clouds, which are streaming across the navy sky. Breaks and gaps in this near solid gray mass offer glimpses of the shining white lunar face before shrouding it once again.

Earlier in the day I imagined having a…

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I Hate This Fucking Culture

1 Nov


Feminism and online fighting

30 Oct


Purple Sage

Radical feminists, like many other groups, have an online community of people we hang out with and organize with every day. And like many other groups, sometimes we get into fights. We are not a homogenous group; we have a variety of different viewpoints on many things, and sometimes we find other women’s viewpoints to be very wrong. Every once in a while a fight rips through the community like a forest fire, destroying everything in its path, and leaving behind nothing but ashes, upon which new seedlings will have to grow. There are a few fights that happen over and over, and have been happening for a long time. Such as, for example, are straight women upholding the patriarchy by having relationships with men? Are mothers responsible for upholding patriarchy by giving birth to sons? Are straight feminists homophobic, and are lesbian feminists heterophobic? And there’s another fun fight…

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They Live, with Transgenderism

29 Oct

This is brilliant.

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