22 Oct

I decided to delete my Facebook account because their moderation is biased, incompetent and outsourced; because their software is tediously glitchy, because the people who own it promote the keystone pipeline, and because the whole place is set up to enable a wide variety of trolling and various sorts of abuses.

So I asked Google how to do it, and Google was helpful. But Daddy Facebook makes you wait two weeks to delete your account, meanwhile you can only deactivate it.

Thanks Daddy Facebook, for helping me protect myself from my immature urges, when you weren’t blocking my account because some asshole reported a news article that pointed out that men can be dangerous, that someone posted on a page I was associated with.  “This is your second warning!” you said. 

I feel so safe knowing your mods are working hard to keep women down, preferably with their heads in toilets. 

And the two week delay? How abortion-like.

And all the ignoring of the real abuse?



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