Today Almost Hallows

28 Oct

Today Almost Hallows

Today I planted most of the larger iris bulbs and the free daffodil bulbs. I still have the smaller irises to work out and the wood hyacinths, but I think the wood hyacinths can go with the grape hyacinths around the pomogranate, which has recovered mightily from the freeze of Feb 2011. And the little irises in pots maybe.

Then I decided I should look into peonies since my mom told me a couple-three years back that they were awesome. I checked back on American Meadows and they were out of most peonies but the ones still in stock were old-time and half price, so I ordered a few. 

It’s fun working out where to put plants as my knowledge evolves. I gather peonies are like sets, not bulbs, and they should stay put.  They might fly here, from what I’ve read. The later bloomers will be trickier, but I have more shade than I used to, and can more easily work out more northern shade spots. 

The pecans this year have started shattering, and they are really moist, like lychee nuts. Well, not really. But that good. If we get some kind of bizarre flood event here between now and say January it could really fuck them up, but otherwise, looking good.


One Response to “Today Almost Hallows”

  1. pantypopo 2013/10/29 at 5:36 am #

    I’m glad you have such a connection to the earth. Heal yourself.


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