Thanks For What?

10 Nov

Thanks For What?

There is one of these USA holiday things coming up in ten days, one of the ones with dinner and attendant squabbling. Or not.

What I will probably not do that Thursday:

1. Interact with humans in person.
2. Bake or roast anything or anyone.
3. Be grateful that some of my ancestors probably murdered people who used to live in North America.
4. Eat pumpkin pie, or any other kind of pie. Gluten.
5. Watch television.
6. Rise early.

What I might do:

1. Take my dogs out for a walk, depending on the weather.
2. Do something involving my pecan tree.
3. Listen to music.
4. Do something involving pecans.
5. Blog something about the people my ancestors murdered.
6. Make spicy applesauce.
7. Groom my dogs. 
8. Clean something.
9. Dig in the hugenculture patch.
10. Eat food with squash.


6 Responses to “Thanks For What?”

  1. Mary Sunshine 2013/11/11 at 9:47 am #

    If you wanted to, you could give thanks for hugelkultur. :-) I’m doing that right now. And thanks to *you* for telling me about it.


  2. BroadBlogs 2013/11/11 at 10:18 am #

    I’m glad that some people like you are celebrating Thanksgiving in that way. I think that it’s important that some folks are observing that part of our history.

    I prefer to focus on the coming together of that dinner of American Indians and European Americans. Yes, I will have to conveniently forget the history of followed in order to focus in on that time and those feelings. It just works better for me to focus on the love.


    • mieprowan 2013/11/11 at 10:32 am #

      One thing I’ve seen Native people do is co-opt Friday as Native American Heritage Day and make dinners with traditional foods. It’s all really just harvest festival with different names. Beats getting stampeded at Wal-Mart :-)


  3. Aussa Lorens 2013/11/11 at 4:12 pm #

    I will be sleeping in and then gagging over everyone’s thankful blogs, so I’ll look forward to reading about our ancestors’ mutual genocide.


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