Why I Don’t Have A Blogroll

20 Nov

I would like to do this a lot. There are a lot of bloggers I interact with, just on WordPress. Lots of nice people, and especially lots of nice women. All sorts of interesting folks.

The reason I don’t do this is that if I did make a blogroll, it would really hurt to delete anyone from it, and I might have to, if only because someone requested it.

So what I do instead is crosspost (reblog) from people’s blogs when I think they’ve done especially good work, in hopes that whomever reads  this blog might find them and appreciate them as much as I do. 

Some people don’t like me. That’s their prerogative and I accept that. I wish I could know in advance who will turn out not to like me, but that’s not how it works.

I don’t reblog their posts.



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