Trolls of Yore

27 Nov

When I was in college I fell in with trolls, though we didn’t call ourselves that because the Internet hadn’t been invented yet. What we did was called “Street Theater,” when it was called anything.

The point was to confuse people and challenge their assumptions. Sometimes we would run around crouched over and accost people and ask them weird questions. If they did not respond positively, we would look at each other worriedly, and cry querelously at each other, “I don’t think they like us,” and scurry away, like so many Gregor Samsas.

We liked the hiding game a great deal. The way this works is you manage to game your way past the locked exterior doors of a given dorm building, probably by knowing someone in the dorm with a key, though we were not above breaking locks (raises hand). First person goes up and knocks on a randomly chosen agreed upon door and begs to be hidden. “Please! They’re after me!”

Everybody downstairs waits. If the first person doesn’t come back right away, repeat step A several times.

Final move, last person goes up and knocks on the door. Everyone inside quails in fear, whimpering “No! no no, please don’t let them find us.”

If the occupant of the dorm room opens the door, the final person looks him or her in the eye, and asks in a most officious manner, “Is there anyone hiding in here?”

We used to be so much more creative about inventing ways to meet people. Now it’s all dating services and flame wars. No one cares about being hidden anymore. Thus are traditions lost.


2 Responses to “Trolls of Yore”

  1. Miep 2013/11/27 at 12:59 am #

    Although I personally only hacksawed off the padlocks to the door to the roof of our dorm.


  2. Miep 2013/11/27 at 1:08 am #


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