One step and then another.

15 Dec

I so love this post.

Scintillating Speck

Please don’t expect greatness from me.

Who am I talking to when I say that?  Who do I think is breathing down my neck, expecting me to be a genius, to have it all together (whatever that means), to be on top of my game?  What is my game?  If I ever had a game, I think I walked out in the middle of it a while ago.

And I kept walking, and walking.  Today I walked seven miles.  I didn’t have a particular goal.  I took one step and then another.

I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to plan ahead these days.  I’m also finding it hard to write.  I have a grand plan that needs fleshing out, the journey I’m going to take with Lily next summer, combined with the book I want to write.  I’m hoping to roll out a Kickstarter campaign in about a month.  I’ve mapped…

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