A happier story

21 Dec

Also, a happy story

Our local shelter manager is a friend, and a good one indeed. I’ve been having problems with my knees and ankles and feet, and since I don’t drive, this limits me. I bicycle out to do errands and shopping and come back home, mostly.

So when it comes time to get my pets shots, I tend to put it off, and that’s not always a good idea. Also I am bad with needles.

I suck at asking for help, too. But a good friend will help with that, too.

So I emailed Angela, our shelter manager, and asked her if she could come by and give my dogs DHPP shots. “Sure!” she replied. 

It’s always nice to see Angela and her daughter, who is totally into the whole shelter routine, and a terrific girl in so many ways.

Angela suggested she give Mad Charlotte a booster too. Charlotte is my tortoise shell cat whom I kept from a litter of foster kittens because she was so easily freaked, and I identify with that. It was clear she stood poor chances at adoption. I consider her my familiar.

So we arranged an appointment, and Casey and Falcor rushed the gate, as usual, delighted to see some of their favorite humans. I’d put Charlotte in the back cat room I use to sequester foster kittens when there are door issues.

Falc and Case were kind of amazed at being asked in – we never go in here, Mom!

Angela administered their booster shots in no time at all. The dogs didn’t even notice, so busy were they loving on our friends.

Then it was Charlotte’s turn. She was hiding up on a shelf and scrabbled down to a dark corner of the closet, mewing angrily. “Hi kitty!” said Angela. “Hey Char!” said I.

Angela gradually worked her way into the corner and probably gripped Charlotte in some manner, and gave her the shot. “Not bad -she didn’t bite or scratch.” 

Whew. What a relief.

Ashlyn assisted during all of this, and it was time for her present. Kids like having choice, it’s huge. So I rounded up an assortment of rocks and marbles and fossils and told her she got to choose six for a Christmas present (or holiday present, whatever)

I knew there was a reason I collected this stuff.

I then reimbursed the shelter for the costs of the vaccines, and added a donation to say thanks for being there and helping me keep my pets a little safer.

Probably the best day ever in the midst of heartbreak…I’ll never see Jess again, because what we learn in rescue is that the nonhuman’s welfare must always come first. But what we also learn is that we matter, that their lives are changed permanently by our decisions. 

And thus we grow. And find friends.


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