Spam Of The Morning

26 Jan

First, good luck to you, Frankie’s Bar and Grill, even though you are probably a porn site. Also, Filthy Whiskey? Serious name fail. You need to work on that. You’re welcome.

You guys who are using “fluid plumbing” and “eternal bleeding” both? Wow. So creative.

Now for the quotes:

“Nine interesting facts about tattoos: Fact #1: In the U. The next time you watch “Pulp Fiction,”, you may see some of the scenes from a different perspective.”

That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

“one that appears wily from undue oils. These ingredients aliment the bark wet is a worthwhile institution.”

That’s definitely worth considering.

“prime a lawsuit that purpose avail conduct you in your fuzz looks dainty on phratry that are too pie-eyed.”

Oh, shit. My phratry is too pie-eyed? I’m never going to live this down. Thanks for letting me know, though. Yikes.

“Your redundant pounds bequeath be author inclined to be 

Can’t say I blame you. 

“Sometimes a accumulation that offers unconstrained returns or exchanges. This derivative instrument is large if you wipe out a micro probing, you can lonesome resource to read the financial obligation for each difficulty makes smashing sagacity to reckon your customers with a respectable”

Well, yes; that’s always potentially a problem. Thanks for pointing that out. Especially about the micro probing.


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