I’m Emailing You To Let You Know I’m Not Emailing Your Email

30 Jan

Title slip: it was supposed to be “I’m emailing you to let you know I’m not reading your email” but I kind of like it the way it is.

Okay, I recently emailed someone I’ve known for fifteen years to say I think we should call this friendship off in the interest of both of our mental health. This is an enormously long story that is to some extent outside of the scope of this conversation, but the bottom line for me is I live in the same town as this guy does, except he’s part-time here, part-time lots of places. 

And what he emailed back was that he was not reading my typically crazy email because I always do that.

O.K. If you had somebody you thought was crazy emailing you, would you do that? Or would you block her? Or would you ignore it?


“I have not read your recent emails, largely because from the subjects they seem to fit into to old mold of “I love you I hate you.”  If you didn’t read so much into my not emailing immediately upon returning I believe you would find that things went more smoothly and that you would not manifest what you most want to avoid.”

Lots of my idiocy here, letting this go on so long. But I tried to end years worth of painful crap and I get this? 

What he always wants is to grant me an audience, during which he will likely spend a fair amount of time talking to someone else while I am expected to wait. That is all he has to offer. He has previously given me a great deal of unsolicited advice as to how I should just suck it up when creepers harass me, because I should “lower my standards.”

This guy has so fucked my trust. Narcissists suck.

I wrote him back and pointed out that emailing people in order to inform them that you are not reading their email is poor form.

You’re supposed to say “I don’t think we should do this anymore, because it’s not good for either of us.”

Like I did.

And then I got this.

Because it’s him that doesn’t want to let go, not me. I’m a little peg on his pegboard and he does not approve of his pegs moving.


Oh, also I am so not emailing him this post. He doesn’t give a damn about my Internet involvement and my writing. 

When I told him about the Wikileaks story when it was breaking years back, before anyone heard of Wikileaks, he dismissed it as being equivalent to National Enquirer reporting about two-headed babies.

I loved this man. I never had sex with him. He used me, he has used a lot of people. He’s very slick. And extremely smart. “So pretty! So many ideas!”

But no, I don’t think he has a facebook account. Lo siento, mis amigas y amigos.

4 Responses to “I’m Emailing You To Let You Know I’m Not Emailing Your Email”

  1. Aussa Lorens 2014/01/30 at 8:24 am #

    Yikes. Yeah, I vote for cutting him off and if he emails you, just respond with photos of office supplies and concrete samples.


    • Miep 2014/01/30 at 6:09 pm #

      Absolutely. Why waste my time on this crap.

      Also, brilliant advice. I knew I could count on you!


      • BroadBlogs 2014/01/30 at 11:33 pm #

        I’m with Aussa on this.

        And don’t read his e-mails either.


        • Miep 2014/01/30 at 11:42 pm #

          Hey, look! I have girlfriends!

          You both rock.

          Also, I’m drawing my ass off, which is just a great involvement.

          Thank you!


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