Top 10 First World Problems For A Blogging Parent

30 Jan

Thanks, I needed that.


10.  The children constantly demand food and attention!
It’s those stolen moments online when the kids undoubtedly will be starving to death or need assistance that ONLY you can provide. One knows these moments are a far cry from depriving her children of actual needs; however, putting herself first will not doubt bring on the guilt.

9.  Your spouse wants to talk and stuff. 

Your spouse has probably grown a bit jealous of your creative brain.  He may dream of you working on him like your fingers work the keys on your lap top.

 8.  You’re so tired because you stayed up too late writing.

After the kids have gone to bed and any last minute daily things have been taken care of, it’s time to get your blog on!  Before you know it, midnight is creeping up on you.  You know those little, human alarm clocks are going to go off before the sun comes up but you just have to…

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