Song of Zeke

5 Feb

Zeke Sputnik wrote this when he was my live-in boyfriend and co-conspirator in the mid-1980’s. The theme was to take fragments of songs written by musicians who had died badly, early, or from groups that had lost musicians thusly, and pastiche them together in a repeating chord pattern that worked with the music. It was striking how well it worked.

I think there was more, but this is what I remember.

Sweet Home Alabama
She’s buying a stairway 
To California dreaming
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me
A small circle of friends?

I’m a soul man
In your soul kitchen
I was born in Chicago, 
In the ghetto

Now I’m on top of the world
Looking down on my generation
Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel like I’ve been tied to a whipping post

I am an anarchist
Don’t know if you go to garden parties
I wish you the best of luck
These songs of freedom
It’s all I ever had, redemption songs
Una poca de gracia.

Zeke got lost in 1994 and probably died. But you never know.

And his spirit lives on forever.

Addendum: I could go find all the songs and post youtubes here, but would anyone want me to? I don’t know. I will if anyone asks.

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