Dear Horace

10 Feb

I miss you. I hate it that we’ve wound up on opposite sides of the gender wars.

It was inevitable, though. Because Gender is an implacable god.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you blog so much about human rights and environmental issues. You are a really good blogger. 

Do you still have the turquoise cat fetish I sent you? You acknowledged the chocolate, but not the fetish. It was a pretty great fetish, and I was sad that you did not thank me for it, only for the chocolate. 

It’s okay if you gave it away or traded it or threw it into a slew. I know the world is difficult and one sometimes makes impromptu decisions driven by varying degrees of what should be private.

I saw that you had to leave the cat manor. I was sad for you because it looked like maybe you had a good fit there. I wanted you to be happy living with friends.

I know it’s hard. And you still probably know where I live.

And if you ever show up here, you’re still welcome. I’ll still welcome you in, feed you, warm you or cool you as needed, help you wash. Be there.

This offer is open until one of us is dead. Because I don’t give a flying fuck about gender crap. 

I do care about my friends, though.



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