No, We Are Not Sockpuppets

10 Feb

Wall Nietszche

We are individual actual humans who want all of us to be free from the constraints of patriarchy, including you who identify as transgender.

We support the right of humans to marry any other consenting adult they wish. I doubt you could find a DGR member who thinks it important that “sex” even be a box on a marriage contract.

We do not support violence against humans who identify as transgender, even though some of you do it to us.

We fully support freedom of gender and sexual expression, as long as it does not encompass pedophilia or non-consensual sexual behavior. 

We deplore the abuses of pornography and prostitution, but also abhor punishing humans, mostly women, who are used thusly.

Our work is to encourage respect for all life, and such must start at home, with our own species.

 Biological sex just is what it is, and can’t be imagined away. But gender roles are damaging constructs that are hardest on women. When XY people want to be considered XX people, they ignore how hard it is on XX people who are born, bred and socialized as women, to be expected to give you top billing, because of your oppression.

We know non-conforming XY humans have a hard time of it. Because Gender is really strict. You have a penis and want to wear pink? The gender police will go after your ass. 

You are XX and have zero interest in performing femininity, like me?

The gender police will go after your ass too. 

We’re all being victimized by this crap.

But we’re also all colonized by it, including XY humans who talk themselves into female spaces and behave like gender-colonized men; sexually acting out, scaring women and girls. And yes, even raping them, when XY people with intact genitalia are housed with XX people in prisons.

This happens. We’re not just making it up.

Radical feminists and allies are not out to get people who have gender identity issues. Our hopes are that you can work your way past the horrible things this culture has done to you, and understand that our goal is to free everyone from the horrible laws of gender.

But meanwhile, we work to protect women and girls, who have been sadly abused for centuries. We can’t put men first, even when you have been sadly abused yourselves. We especially cannot do this if you insist on invading women’s spaces. 

We have so little, and men have so much. We’re not just here for you to lean on. We have our own goals that often have nothing to do with supporting human males. Sometimes we even want to work to save our world from imploding into self-destruction.

Is it so much to ask of women that you let us do this? 

The essay in question:–Lierre-Keith-DGR-feminist-and-transgender-exterminist-slated-as-a-PIELC-keynote-speaker

One of Xavier’s comments. It’s worth reading them all, he did such an excellent job of debating here. 

Read them all. All the DGR radical feminist advocates, both male and female, handled this with integrity.

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