Go Away Holiday, You Suck

13 Feb

At the grocery store this evening, I could barely maneouver my cart  without crashing into roses. Roses, roses everywhere. You will mostly be slashed into pieces and thrown in the dumpster behind the store Saturday, roses. I used to live next door. I know how it goes.

Back before they took up slashing the unwanted floral department entities, we used to trashpick flowers. Tons of flowers. Withered flowers, fresh flowers. Flowers dyed peculiar colors.

The roses were always the best. Once we scored a good hundred bunches of longstem roses. We gave them to everyone. 

I don’t live there anymore.

I try to schedule my shopping to avoid people I know. I have a pretty good sense of when they shop. It usually works.

Didn’t tonight though. Even there in rush hour traffic, there was that guy who still lives next door. You’d think he could manage to shop when the place was less crowded. But noooo….

So we pretended we didn’t see each other, and went off about our respective flower-free business. 

I really can’t complain. It’s better this way.

But it still really sucks.

For those of you who have Valentine’s things to do…Don’t mind me, or the guy in the store.

It’s a stupid holiday anyway.

Have some flowers.

Schlumbergera 5

7 Responses to “Go Away Holiday, You Suck”

  1. Miep 2014/02/14 at 12:13 am #

    It always struck me as being one of the all-time crappy gigs, being paid minimum wage to cut perfectly nice flowers up so that no one could get them for free.

    And always women’s work.


  2. morag99 2014/02/14 at 3:44 pm #

    Slashed flowers in a dumpster is such a sad image. And metaphorical, too. Things that are naturally beautiful and alive, that give us spontaneous and simple pleasures, are violently destroyed, and then replaced with artificial constructions of what we need to be safe and happy in a society based on consumption and status. Like a man to validate our worthiness one day out of the year. Valentine’s Day is grotesque.

    Here’s wishing some flowers for you, too, Miep!


    • Miep 2014/02/14 at 4:08 pm #

      Exactly. Thank you!

      And to continue the metaphor, the best way to get flowers is to grow your own. Which I do. :-)


  3. BroadBlogs 2014/02/14 at 5:54 pm #

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, anyway. And thanks for the flowers.

    Love the title.


    • Miep 2014/02/14 at 6:21 pm #

      Thanks. Schlumbergeras are wonderful once one masters the trick of handling epiphytes.


      • morag99 2014/02/14 at 9:18 pm #

        You much have the touch–it’s very lovely. My Christmas cactus never blooms!


        • Miep 2014/02/14 at 9:33 pm #

          They need 12 hour dark periods at 50-60 degrees from around October. That does the trick.


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