Texas Court Rules Transgender Marriage Legal

13 Feb


(Blog post by Robyn Serven)

I agree with Robyn that it would be better if Texas let people who identify as transgender marry anyone, not just people who identify as members of the opposite sex.

I would go as far as to say I believe this should go for people who don’t identify as transgender as well. Marriage is discriminatory, it provides rights civil contracts do not. A salient example is that in some states unmarried couples are forbidden from adopting. There is no benefit to this other than job security for those working in the orphan business. 

And what happens to unwanted children who age out of the foster care system? They have no familial fallback position, poor training, and often become part of the homeless population and fall into all sorts of abuse. If they are gender-nonconforming, it can be even worse.

Those who argue civil contract law language can be changed to enable those not allowed to marry, ignore the huge amount of law involved in various jurisdictions and levels thereof. And saying some people should be allowed to marry and others only allowed civil contracts is just another flavor of separate but equal. People should be able to marry whatever consenting adult wants to marry them, and the only restrictions on child adoption should be related to the likelihood of the child being provided a reasonable and non-abusive home. Because it beats hell out of winding up on the streets.

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