But What About the Cat?

16 Feb

They said you’d write again. They said not to answer.

You wrote about a cat you’d found. Did I want another cat?

If I wanted another cat I’d have another cat. I certainly wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for someone I’m not talking to, to offer me one.

You said you were thinking about taking the cat to the shelter.

I would, overall, have preferred to ignore this missive, but for one problem.

The shelter hardly has any cats. They’re down to eight. Kitten season could start soon.

If this is a nice cat, he could easily be adopted now. But it won’t last for long.

He could go to the shelter, and they’d scan him for a microchip, in case he somehow got lost, and if he’s just abandoned, they can neuter him if needed, give him shots, and likely find him a home.

But only if you act quickly. Because kitten season is hard on older shelter cats. 

So I had to answer, because this is a professional matter, what with my being a shelter volunteer and all. 

And because of the cat. It’s not the cat’s fault, all this toxic history.

There is something they say in rescue, “You can’t save all of them, but for every one you do save, that animal’s life is changed forever.”

So I wrote you and explained all of this. Even though I’m not talking to you.

So do something about it. Don’t just stall out and put it off. Save the damn cat, okay?

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