Oh, Mommy

16 Feb

So why are you transwomen so obsessed with lesbians? I keep reading all this “You’re such bigots because you don’t want me to insert my ladystick in you.” Geez people, can’t you just date each other? What with your all being so much better women than lesbians? So much more svelte and better put together and stuff?

I think a lot of you have a serious lure-of-the-receding-object problem. All women must desire your ladystick, or else we’re all bigots.

So where does that come from? Wanting to do Mommy, perhaps? But Mommy is off limits, because of the whole incest taboo thing.


Hmmm. Maybe there are some other off-limits women to be fixated upon. Ones who aren’t protected by the incest taboo.

Enter (unwittingly) lesbians. An overall pleasant cohort of women born women who mostly just want to be left alone to date and even sometimes fall in love with each other, and who often work to promote women’s rights and women’s organizing. Women who have no sexual interest in male bodies. Women who are oh so frequently intelligent and thoughtful and considerate and supportive, especially to each other.

The perfect target. A whole bunch of mommies to go after! Mommies who do not care about boys (you) more than they do about each other!

Mommies To Be Invaded!

Successful Invasion Of Mommies Solves Everything!

Well, except climate disruption, racism, pedophilia, rape, environmental disasters, assorted poisonings, sexual trafficking of women and children, pollution, vicious behaviours of assorted stripes, nonhuman abuse, fresh water shortages, famine…

No worries. Once the Mommies submit, they’ll fix all this. That’s what Mommies are for. 

One Response to “Oh, Mommy”

  1. Miep 2014/02/16 at 2:26 am #

    Also, I blogged recently, in response to a post by Robyn Serven on Daily Kos, about how people should not be discriminated against with regards to marriage and adoption, including people who identify as homosexual and people who identify as transgender.

    Everyone should get to marry any consenting adult they want to, and the ongoing tragedy of abandoned or orphaned children should be addressed whenever a potentially caring home is available. After all, this culture doesn’t much care when children are abused by their natal parents. Why should potential adoptive parents be discriminated against just because they don’t conform to socially enforced gender norms?

    What I’m getting at with this post is about sexual harassment. “My penis is a ladystick” No it is not, it’s a penis.

    Stop it. All of you. This is unacceptable.

    I would love to see more orphans and abandoned children adopted. It is so hard on these children when no one wants them. It effectively dooms them. Because they get tossed out of the foster care system when they come of age. And things tend to go downhill from then on.

    Can people who identify as homosexual, or people who identify as transgender, do a good job of parenting orphans and abandoned children?

    Wouldn’t it be bigotry to say no, in either case?


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