I’m Tired

18 Feb

I’m tired

I’m tired of trying to deal with this endless confusing Internet crap.

I’m tired of all this women-blaming, and other sorts of victim-blaming.

I’m tired, and also bored and angry.

I’m tired of being told I’m being too picky. I’m tired of being gaslighted, ooh crazy Miep starved for Dick.

Crazy Miep needs Dick, that would settle her down.

The hell with all of this. You assailants totally suck.

If my prepubescent girlfriends weren’t getting raped when they were twelve, we might have wound up being decades-long friends.

I’m angry and I’m sad.

This culture broke me. And it broke my girlfriends.



One Response to “I’m Tired”

  1. DGR Sonoran 2014/02/18 at 9:10 am #

    This culture broke me, too. And the assault never ends, it is exhausting. It is the small encouragments and validations that keep me going.


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