I Live Near the Radiation Leak and I am Still Waiting For My T-shirt

26 Feb

The Carlsbad NM Town Hall Meeting About the Radiation Leak

They had the meeting on WIPP last night. I did not attend, which is just as well, as Martin Mills did. Martin Mills is crazy in a way that puts all the other crazy people I know to shame. Martin does not actually know me, but I know Martin, because he harasses strange women on the street. And at the post office. And the grocery store. And likely at bars.

Martin also likes to run for office. He is running for Mayor. He ran for Mayor last round and got four votes. He has also, I’ve read, run for Governor, and for municipal judge once along with the stripper. Dave Redford, the incumbent for the latter, is an acquaintance and a decent fellow, and must have found all of this amusing, I expect.

Martin went to jail for stalking awhile back, and was reportedly some time previous to this noted protesting, with sign, outside the jail because his girlfriend was in jail.

So Martin attended and I read the newspaper reporter’s tweets about Martin disrupting the meeting, and was very glad not to have been there and gotten his attention.

It was otherwise reported that experts agree everything is fine. Experts are not, however, forthcoming about just what they are considering doing about this. If they open it back up, the radiation comes out, no? How are they supposed to figure out what’s wrong, let alone locate it, from outside?

Since these particles, they say, do not get absorbed through things, this kind of suggests some kind of incoming leak to me. They insist it’s not related to the salt truck fire, but on the other hand they haven’t had any incoming stuff since the salt truck fire. So it continues to be a great mystery, and CEMRC continues to measure and analyze things, and humans.

So here we are, waiting for the next installment. Might be awhile. My guess is this is it for WIPP, that they will not be able to come up with an acceptable plan of action that restores public trust, but what do I know? My guess is that will drag on for a long time, though. Dither, dither, dither. There will be lots of meetings, and not ones we’re invited to, either.

They will, I expect, be mostly about whether it’s still possible to make money out of this escapade. Maybe sell T-Shirts? I live next door to the radiation leak and all I got was this lousy T-shirt…Kickstarter anyone?

WIPP radiation release

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