Mayoral Candidate Martin Mills Expresses His Consternation About WIPP

26 Feb

Via Russian propaganda site. 

“While many reportedly left the meeting satisfied with the explanations given, some were not so convinced. A mayoral candidate named Martin Mills frequently interrupted those speaking to proclaim his outrage with the leak.

“This is like poor management,” Mills stated. “How can this facility be leaking? … It should not be releasing at all.”

ROFLMFAO. RT, I’ve often heard you guys were unreliable, but this takes the cake.

Martin Mills is batshit crazy. He’s been jailed for stalking, he’s harassed me on the street off and on for years, he’s known for doing this to other women. He ran for mayor last time and got four votes. I’ve heard he’s also run for governor and municipal judge. He disrupted the town hall meeting so badly that he almost got thrown out.

Thanks for making my day, RT. I needed a good laugh!

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