An MRA makes a feeble attempt at a counter-argument…

11 Apr

The Prime Directive

As you may remember, I published two debunkings of commonly circulated list of “proofs” by MRAs. This pissed them off, because they are whiny little bitches who cannot deal with any level of disagreement without believing that it’s all part of some great conspiracy against them.

I have not received any semi-serious rebuttals (I don’t expect any serious rebuttals because MRAs do not have that much intelligence), but some moron MRA called “Eye of Woden” tried to rebut another debunking by Owen Lloyd. Here is my examination of that post. I will not link to Eye of Woden’s entry here so I don’t give him any more hits, but I’m sure you can find it anyway if you search.

Here is the entry where I give my responses to the same list.

The first point is about men’s suicide rate being 4.6 times higher than women’s. In response, it…

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