Let It Be Done

11 Oct

Betrayal always hurts, and there is no other motive for betrayal of trust than self-interest. They didn’t do it to hurt you, their actions are completely in their own interest. That you did get hurt, is simply collateral damage to their minds. They get a reward for turning on you – the reward can be validation of an idea, to find favour with someone, or suchlike. Sad to say, your feelings of trust never featured in their equation. Such is the nature of treason, and why traitors were shot on the spot for olden times. No honour. 


2 Responses to “Let It Be Done”

  1. Miep 2014/10/11 at 9:36 am #

    “Unfortunately, the woman who sets her foot down to stop the nonsense is usually the one to take all the flak later on. ” Selma


  2. Miep 2014/10/11 at 9:38 am #

    I should run this by anti-porn feminists London.


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