Obligatory Introductory Radscum Post

14 Oct

Rock on.

The Screaming Female

Hi, and welcome to my new blog. It has been some time since I’ve splattered my opinions all over the Internet for the benefit (or in spite) of strangers, but here I am, bravely charging back into the land of anger, anonymity, and never ending slagging-off that is the blogosphere.

As the title suggests, I am a Radical Feminist (this title was thrust upon me, more on that later) and as the “scum” indicates, I am the scary kind of radical feminist. The kind that doesn’t prioritise male feelings over anything. The kind that believes that there is such a thing as male and female. The kind that lives in dark crevices and feasts on the souls of children. That last part is just a rumour, though.

While I’m on the topic, it’s worth explaining a little about how I came to acquire such a label. Like most radical feminists…

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