You’re in League with Religious Fundamentalists!!!

5 Nov

Nicely done.

Anti-Porn Feminists

You’re in league with religious fundamentalists! is an accusation thrown at radical/sex industry abolitionist feminists so frequently that the mud often sticks. It’s very rare to see an attempt at smearing any other group in this way, so it was interesting when, in the middle of last month, just such a thing occurred, with a BBC Radio 4 presenter accusing Greenpeace of being ‘in league’ with the Catholic Church. It’s fascinating to see the whole thing played out in one report and interview – like a time delay recording of a plant growing, you don’t ordinarily get to see exactly how something like this comes together.

What you see is exactly the same kind of name-calling, empty rhetoric, obfuscation, smearing, and plain ol’ making shit up that you see from sex industry advocates when they attack radical feminists and try to shut down critical thinking by saying you’re in league…

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