Julie Bishop: Woman-Traitor of the Year

8 Nov

Radfem Groundhog Day

Julie Bishop, the current Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, has just been named Harper’s Bazaar’s “Woman of the Year”.

In an interview with the women’s magazine Ms Bishop reflects on her role as a female leader in a male-dominated cabinet, while sticking by her controversial insistence she is not a feminist.

“Stop whingeing, get on with it and prove them all wrong,” she told the magazine, in a veiled criticism of former prime minister Julia Gillard’s promise to “call out misogyny”.

Ms Bishop tells the magazine: “Please do not let it get to you and do not become a victim, because it’s only a downward spiral once you’ve cast yourself as a victim.”

I suppose Bishop had not bothered to look around the Cabinet, and notice that she is the only one without a penis? One out of seventeen is almost as far away from 50/50 representation as…

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