It’s Up To You Not To Heed The Call-up

20 Nov

Internecine rage is driving me off the Internet. Everybody is angry at somebody else and they all have very good reasons and expect me to follow them in their outrage. 

Alas, I am neither follower no leader. I am sorry that you are all so angry at each other. I know people can be unkind. I know women especially could do with more choices and freedom. I know we get hurt a lot.

And I know there is usually not a lot we can do to help each other, other than to try to listen. Maybe kick in a few bucks to a crowdfunding campaign. Buy a t-shirt when we get paid. If we get paid.

And if we are fortunate, we can use the Internet to write, to talk to each other. We can also work to use the Internet to silence each other. 

I know the arguments. I know about abusers. I know about handmaidens. I know about how women can be so terrible that they cannot be forgiven. 

And I know how we work to silence each other, when it comes to each other. 

I keep wanting to be silent. I keep thinking I am part of the problem. Except I keep running into other women who also seem to be part of the problem. This is endemic.

And I’m bad at being silent.

“Forgive women for doing what they were conditioned to, and above all, love them.” Kind and wise sentiments, but not always easy. 

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