Separating Lesbian Theory from Feminist Theory, by Cheshire Calhoun

27 Nov

Of course lesbianism isn’t entirely about resistance, that would be a profoundly negative construct. Do people really believe that?

Not sure about the second one though. The collapse of the patriarchy would mean the end of male dominance, so women would be free to choose, including to choose not to be associated with men., as men would be able to choose not to be associated with women, an option that really is much more available for men than the aforementioned women.

Revolutionary Combustion

Separating Lesbian Theory from Feminist Theory

written by Cheshire Calhoun
Vol. 104, No. 3 (Apr., 1994), pp. 558-581
Published by: The University of Chicago Press
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First, lesbianism ought not to be read solely as resistance to patriarchal male-female relationships. One misses a good deal of what it means to live life as a lesbian as well as much of the political significance of lesbian practices by doing so. Second, even if empirically and historically heterosexual dominance and patriarchy are completely intertwined, it does not follow from this fact that the collapse of patriarchy will bring about the collapse of heterosexual dominance.10 Heterosexual society may simply adapt to new social conditions. Thus it is a mistake for feminists to assume that work to end gender subordination will have as much payoff for lesbians as it would for heterosexual women.

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