We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This

22 Dec

I was shopping tonight. I often shop around eight p.m., in order to avoid traffic, both human and vehicular. 

I went to the pet food aisle, which has not had the cat food my cat likes a lot of the time lately. I moved my cart around an elderly man. “You’re following me, I can see,” he said.

I continued to look at the cat food. “That was a joke,” he continued.

“Okay,” I replied. Really bad cat food selection in my usual brand. 

He again informed me that it was a joke, as he reached for cat food n a shelf I am not used to frequenting. “I hadn’t seen that before,” I said, in a nice kind friendly way.

“Oh, they love it! I can use one packet to feed two cats, and there are twelve for only seven dollars!”

“I’ll bet they do,” I said, and picked up a box and thanked him. 

He then went on to inform me that he could not stand the smell of the empty packets and stored them in a ziplock bag before throwing them in the trash.

I nodded and smiled and escaped off up the pet food aisle, with my box full of cat food packets.

Okay, I tried these packets out on my cat. She’s a big girl, she likes this stuff a lot, she’ll go through two of these in a day. 

But she’s not fat. And I do give her worm medication a few times a year. She’s splendid, her coat is great.

So what’s with this dude who has two cats and feeds each of them a quarter as much? Maybe they are ancient? Maybe they are kittens?

Am I going to have this conversation again, should I run across him in the pet food aisle again?

“Hi there! Yeah, my cat approves, but she wants to do a starvation intervention about this business about how you feed her tribe.”

No. Just no. Also I hate these little packets, they are a hassle to get the food out of. 


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