#justiceforleelahalcorn #leelahalcorn (USA)

31 Dec

This boy’s death is a tragedy, his last words were about not believing he could lead a happy life under any gendered circumstances. He was seventeen. I don’t think his parents hated him, I think we are all victims of a cultural hierarchy.

Why pretend you care about this boy you did not know if you’re not willing to address what killed him and also so many other humans. Failure to conform. It grinds us all down. Some of us have thicker skins than others. Some of us walk in front of trucks, but that is not our parents’ fault. It’s the toxic culture that is to blame.

He was just a boymwho wanted to play around with different roles, and the culture stomped him. Not the truck. Not his parents.

All of us, as long as we allow this brutality to go on. It is all blood on our hands.

Good new year to everyone.

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