RIP, Kid

31 Dec

RIP, Kid

I read that Leelah Alcorn, a seventeen-year-old boy, walked in front of a truck because he wanted to transgender and his Christian parents told him God didn’t make mistakes and wouldn’t agree to his having medical treatment prior to the age of consent, and he left this suicide note on Tumblr that has been reposted all over the place about how he would never be happy, never be able to pass, be doomed to be an unhappy lonely woman or an unhappy lonely man.

I also read that transactivists are mounting this whole vendetta against the boy’s family. Stay classy, dudes. Because this will just help SO much. Maybe you could just take to harassing every vulnerable human in the entire world, kick them when they’re down. Because that will so promote your cause. Feel the love!

How about devoting a little time to support services for kids who are suffering from depression and not fitting in, from bullying? Nah, much more fun to go around threatening to rape lesbians and waiting for some poor tortured child to take himself out so you can stick it to his mother.

You all should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

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