Transgender Ghouls For Suicide and Death

31 Dec

This has pretty much killed any sympathy I had left for this predatory cult. Having experienced the suicide of a family member, I can only see this kind of behavior as that of a hate group. Their closest allies are the Westboro Baptist Church.



In the four years GenderTrender has been covering trends in gender we’ve seen some truly ghastly things done by transgenderists in the name of “trans activism”.

The everyday hand-waving and dismissal of rape, violence, and atrocities committed by men against women of all ages, races, cultures, regions, classes, orientations and abilities, unrelentingly, without mercy, since the beginning of recorded history.

The merciless death threats, harassment, stalking and violence committed by male “transwomen” against women, feminists, and lesbians who dare to participate in the public square of social life.

The ubiquitous and vile systemic campaigning by transgenderists to eliminate the human rights of women (and lesbians specifically) to create and attend public social gatherings of their choosing. Transadvocate writer David “Dana Lane” Taylor threatening death on a lesbian feminist’s children, writing that her children “have to die”, with the total support of the transgender community behind him. Receiving messages from “transwomen”…

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One Response to “Transgender Ghouls For Suicide and Death”

  1. Lizzy Shaw 2015/01/01 at 10:51 pm #

    I agree, especially with the whole thing about protesting the funeral like the fundie Westboro Baptist Church that I was hearing about. Or people who are saying that they will bulldoze the headstone if it has the “wrong name”.


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