Too many people defending Allison Woolbert, convicted rapist, in comments section at the Transadvocate

9 Jan

“Why does this article not anywhere mention the exact nature of the crime and just say “sexual assault”. Its outrageous that I actually had to go to TERF pages to find out that this person was specifically found guilty of “aggravated sexual assault of a 13-16 year old” .”  – Stop Trans Chauvinism, quote from comments to Allison Woolbert piece in TA.

 Not sure “outrageous” is the adjective I’d select here. How about “telling?”

“Flinging mud on someone for something that happened over 20 years ago that they’ve paid the price for does nothing but hurt it. ”

Hurt “it?” What is “it?” The mud? Also note passive tense. This violent assault and sexual penetration of an adolescent child just “happened.”

Interesting read. Some of these commenters are seeing the danger in letting violent men be spokespeople for your organization, I hope. Unless you’re cool with being fascists, of course.

5 Responses to “Too many people defending Allison Woolbert, convicted rapist, in comments section at the Transadvocate”

  1. morag99 2015/01/09 at 7:19 pm #

    “Also note passive tense.”

    Yeah, things just “happen” but nobody does these violent, horrible things that just “happen” to other people — like a vulnerable child.

    We saw this, too, in the statement PFLAG issued about the award they had planned to give to this “wonderful person” who raped a child. They used the passive “circumstances arose” in reference to Woolbert’s sexual assault conviction.


    • Miep 2015/01/09 at 7:30 pm #

      I was sorry to see that about PFLAG. Yet another organization caves. I haven’t been following them but I know they are the only such organization active in the small conservative town I live in, and that they have suffered a lot of harassment.

      The one liberal church here actively encourages trans to join, too. I wrote their pastor a letter once explaining what the problem was and he didn’t even bother to try to answer.


      • Miep 2015/01/09 at 7:31 pm #

        I didn’t say he shouldn’t let them join, just that encouraging people to join “regardless of gender identity” doesn’t address how this affects other members of the congregation.


      • morag99 2015/01/09 at 8:09 pm #

        That’s too bad about PFLAG being harassed in your town, especially if they’re the only (relatively) safe space around for gay/lesbian people. But it looks like trans and their allies are actively destroying safe spaces for others by making themselves the priority of these organizations.

        Same with the liberal churches. Wasn’t Woolbert deeply involved in a liberal congregation of some kind?

        I’m not surprised the pastor didn’t listen to you or even try to respond. Knee-jerk liberal reaction, and women’s voices and realities are rarely taken seriously anyway. I mean, even if we haul out the all the evidence that so many of these men are sexually twisted and enjoy hurting women and children, it is dismissed out-of-hand as bigotry. “You can’t judge all by the actions of one, blah, blah, blah … ” When the fact is, their violent behaviour is perfectly consistent with their male supremacist/trans politics.

        Silly pastor. But it will never affect him or any other privileged man directly, so he can well-afford to look good in the eyes of “queers.”


  2. Miep 2015/01/10 at 4:10 pm #

    Male-run organizations dismiss women’s concerns, but when we try to start organizations for ourselves, they say we’re discriminating if we don’t let men in. All women’s organizing must thus be held on private property, so if you don’t have any private property, or perhaps a husband who will allow you occasional private access to his, so much for organizing.


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