Stink Bombing Mexico

16 Jan


If you’ve ever been to a party with more than one room, you’ve experienced the sort of pseudo-osmosis that occurs: people naturally gravitate to the rooms with more space, so that all the rooms have approximately the same density of party guests in them. The unequal distribution of resources across the rooms — say, one room has all the refreshments — will cause slight variations in density, but still, guests will distribute themselves accordingly.  

A similar phenomenon naturally occurs with immigration, the flow of people between countries. But that flow can be disrupted if a space becomes intolerable for some reason. For example, when I was growing up, my grandparents had two houses: a large log cabin in Canada, and a tiny little one-room shack just south of the border. As a child, I questioned my grandmother about this. “We can’t move to Canada permanently,” she told me. “We have to have a…

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