“Change in Seattle law targets sex buyers”

9 Feb

Anti-Porn Feminists

When it comes to human trafficking, Seattle city leaders believe words matter.

Last week, the city council voted unanimously to change the name of the crime of “patronizing a prostitute” to “sexual exploitation.”

Those who work with survivors of the sex trade say it’s a shift that could save lives.

In the sex trade, it’s known as walking the track. It’s a path most of them don’t chose. They’re abused, they’re alone. And for women like Marcy, they feel trapped.

“I felt there was nothing else I could do. I felt it was all I knew, I felt like I was never going to make it out of that life alive,” Marcy recalled. She asked that we not use her real name.

The goal behind changing what the crime is called, is changing how prostitution is viewed. Sexual exploitation targets the customers and recognizes that, in the majority of cases…

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