How Quickly It Happens

19 Feb

Transgender Reality

Remember being a teenager?  A crush you’d had for a week felt like it had lasted forever and probably meant you should marry the person, the new political idea you had was the one true belief, and so on.  In teenage world, emotions run high and obsessions develop quickly.  Watch what happens:


In this post from two months ago, a gay teenage boy talks about his high school ex-boyfriend who now has a girlfriend.

That’s pretty tough stuff for a high schooler to deal with–and it only gets tougher when the ex starts kissing his female best friend in front of him, a little less than a month ago:


“I’ll never have that with him,” he thinks.  He’s sad–who wouldn’t be?

But then comes the next phase–just five days later, this child, who previously has referred to himself only as a guy or a male, says this:


Now, he’s…

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