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20 Mar



4thWaveNow is a place for other open-minded parents of  “gender non-conforming” girls and women who are questioning the dominant trans-driven paradigm. Note please: It’s not a place for homophobes or religious zealots who think their offspring will go to hell for making the wrong choices. It’s for clear thinkers who aren’t afraid to call the trans agenda what it is: a regressive cult.

It’s lonely for parents like us. Nowadays, a mother or father who questions whether lifelong drugs and surgery—leading to permanent, lifelong physical and psychological changes—is the right thing for their child is vilified.

This blog is also a place for women-born-women (sorry—I’m
not really interested in hearing from transwomen) of all ages who are troubled
by the trans phenomenon. I especially want to hear from detransitioned FTMs, or
women or girls who are teetering on the edge, wondering whether to “transition,”
but at least open to the idea that they can continue to claim…

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