Advice from an FTM and MTF: Don’t take this rocky road

5 May


This video (posted 4/28/15) is a must watch, straight from the horse’s mouth. When even prominent trans media figures like these^^ (Mark Angelo, an FTM transitioned at 38, and Lynna Arielle, an MTF transitioned at 42) start strongly criticizing the use of puberty blockers for kids and the transgender trend raging with adolescents, maybe we might actually see some changes going forward.

Allies to be found in unexpected places. They sound like smokers who volunteer their time to caution others not to acquire the habit.

They pull no punches: they discuss Lupron lawsuits, the possibility that hormone treatments will aggravate issues like cutting/self harm, and the folly of dosing kids with hormones when their frontal lobes aren’t developed. They criticize the doctors who are too quick to diagnose gender dysphoria when many other mental health issues are prominent. They acknowledge the homophobia (internalized, as well as of professionals and parents)…

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