The Darkness of Ordinary Men

26 May

This is so good.

Rebecca Mott

This post is about how ordinary punters are – how their hate, violence and evil hearts hide behind the facade of being just another bloke.

This post is not about statistics, it is not saying this is fact – no, it more important than that, it is a record of one exited woman who hears and channels generations of the cruelty that punters place into the prostituted class.

There is no true statistics or facts about who the punters are, they hide in plain sight.

They hide as the media say they are the real victims of the sex trade.

They hide as we choose to believe only sad, lonely and dysfunctional men would consume the prostituted.

They hide behind the image of being gentlemen who have respect and give large rewards to the prostituted.

They hide as young men just having a wild Friday or Saturday night out.


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