How Transgenderism Is Real and Transracialism Isn’t

14 Jun

Root Veg

No sooner had we recovered from the ubiquitous and nauseating coverage of Bruce Jenner’s public ladypersona transgender identity reveal than the story broke of Rachel Dolezal, a self-identified black woman, Africana Studies professor and Spokane NAACP president who was in fact secretly white. lmao. Social media was predictably all over it like cat hair on my best jeans. Just as the collective cogs started slowly, rustily screeching into an unfavourable comparison between transgenderism and transracialism, the hivemind stepped in to prohibit thinking about it, for compelling reasons like “welp nope“, “nope stop” and “shut up“. The claim that one can identify their way into a group on the basis of its social construction, regardless of the fact that the construct itself is predicated on the physical features of those it’s designed to oppress, is obviously strikingly similar for both Bruce Jenner’s transgenderism…

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