Another Violent, Entitled White Male Kills Nine People: Early MRA Response

18 Jun


Twenty-one year old white male terrorist Dylann Roof shot up a church and killed 9 people. It’s common knowledge that MRA’s are in bed with white nationalists and racists. The hatred and misogyny the Manosphere preaches appeals to them. A Voice for Men is already worried that Dylann will be identified as part of the Manosphere. Dylann was described as adrift and a video game addict who would spend long hours doing nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time the Manosphere defended violent white males. MRA’s were very upset when Alex Kozak shot a woman after she accused him of sexual assault.They defended him.

On cue Dean Esmay posted in r/mensrights that the killer Dylann Storm Roof will somehow become part of the Manosphere. In fact, some of these creepy males are already hailing him. From Chateau Heartiste comments:


Let’s say what needs to be said – Dylan…

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