That Guy

9 Jul

Data Mining, Conflict Stirring, You Are Product

What is job security for data miners? Conflict.

Who are the customers of data miners? Advertisers.

Who are these advertisers who benefit from such data mining?


What is their product?

You. You are being worked. You are being manipulated.

You are so lonely that you will make an identity anywhere.

Who is making you lonely? those guys.

Who is using you?

Those guys.

Who is running this whole game so that it will be just too hard for you not to succumb to getting into these sites, these hating sites, these sites that are all about manipulating everyone for money?

Those guys.

Who is it that doesn’t know you, doesn’t care?

Who is it who isn’t around when you consider the razor, the knife?

Who is it who is never there for you?

“Don’t be that guy.” Hah. I don’t think so.

Stick it to that guy. Gang up on him and tell him what a horrible person he is. Shame him.


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