Why are more girls than boys presenting to gender clinics?

10 Jul


For decades, more young men than young women presented to doctors and psychiatrists with gender dysphoria.  But that has all changed in recent years.

As reported in a 2015 article in the Journal of Sexual Medicineresearchers in Canada and the Netherlands examined data from 748 total clinic referrals in the two countries across several decades. The flip-flop in the boy-girl ratio is obvious, as seen in the  below graph from this quantitative study. As always, a picture is worth at least 1000 words.

Aitken sex ratio graph

The dramatic uptick in girls and women presenting to gender clinics from 2006-13 is abundantly clear–and there seems to be no end in sight.

Starting in 2006, we noted that the number of
referred female adolescents with GD was now
exceeding the number of referred male adolescents
with GD in the Toronto clinic. Thus, there
appears to be an emerging inversion in the sex
ratio of adolescents with GD which…

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