You are real

10 Jul

My mother is feeling alone

She’s done a good job of working as an activist in all sorts of ways, but now she is old, her husband is ill (he is a nice man) and my mother is feeling alone.

Oh well, who cares. There are men to be concerned about. My mother did a lot of good work, but that’s to be expected of women.

She’ll die soon. There are more where she came from.

People like me.


3 Responses to “You are real”

  1. sepultura13 2015/07/10 at 1:18 pm #

    It is sad to feel alone…I can relate, at times.

    This is why I’d rather be alone in my home than out in a crowd and feel the same way.

    Not everyone in cyberspace cares about what men think…and I’m one who doesn’t care about their opinions.

    Hope that helps, just a little…


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  2. procrastinatrix 2015/07/30 at 1:08 am #

    This was profound and moving. My mom and aunt, both in their 60s, both long divorced from abusive men, so often feel ignored or actively disdained by people around them. Tough to maintain self-worth. Connection is so important to us primates.

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