QotD: “I don’t hate liberal feminism for its uselessness, I hate it for its callous disregard of women and our history”

13 Jul

Anti-Porn Feminists

One of my biggest bugbears with liberal feminism is that it’s completely ahistorical. It spits upon the collective memory of the millions of women raped, beaten, murdered, turned into chattel for breeding children, forced into the home to toil for decades without pay, and kept ignorant, uneducated, and dependent over the course of millennia. It turns its back upon the crushing, heart-breaking weight of the misogyny inflicted upon women, and implores our foremothers to be quiet, because SOME women enjoy the trappings of misogynistic oppression, and therefore aspects of misogyny which have harmed women as a whole, can’t be called anything other than liberating. It looks at the suffering of women, and turns its nose up at it, denying its severity, denying the need to address it on a systemic level, denying the need for anything more than affirmative action, equal rights legislation, and women CEOs. It sneers at all…

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