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5 Aug

Radfem Repost

Researchers Puzzled: No Male Violence without Men?
August 5, 2015

Hart, MI—A spokesperson for Researchers Against Bad Things (RABT) announced a puzzling observation drawn from their data: without men, there is no male violence.

Jillian North, head of the RABT (affectionately pronounced “rabbit”) project, explains, “We are hesitant to release these findings. Keep in mind that correlation does not equal causality. But the correlations have just gotten stronger and stronger with every data point.”

“Like, 100 percent,” adds Crystal Learner, North’s field assistant.

For the last forty years, North and her research crew have been studying the occurrence of Bad Things at one location: the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. By coincidence, it turns out to be the only place on the planet where there are no men.

“And no Bad Things have happened,” North explains, her voice betraying her amazement. “No violence, no fights. We know this because there have been…

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