Paul Elam’s Nonviolence Turns Violent After Roosh’s Canadian Experience

9 Aug

Canadians: doing it right. Watch these people get in this POS’s face. Awesome.


Paul Elam incites his male audience to do violence against women.

In a bizarre rant sticking up for Roosh, the dude who advocates for rape to be legal on private property, Elam has told women that he will kill them in an article called ‘Don’t mistake my nonviolence for pacifism.’

Roosh is currently in Canada spreading his hatred of women while lots of women are protesting and have petitioned to keep Roosh from crossing the border. The petition sparked Roosh to make a plan to harm these women, target them online, and dox them. This is a typical strategy MRA’s use. One MRA will post that he wants the dox of female protestors and the information gathered is then disseminated to the audience so that each man can take his violence out on her online and offline.

There’s a reason why it’s called the Manosphere. There is no distinction among…

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