City On The Hill

20 Aug

Saying thanks.

Radfem Repost

By Miep


I am from Los Angeles. I was a child there. I left and came back several times.

And when I finally left for good, L.A. invaded my dreams.

I would be walking, up and down Colorado, or Pico Boulevard, or more frequently, inland. I would be stranded around Century City, trying to figure out which way the ocean was. I would look to the horizon, and I would start walking again.

These dreams went on for years. Rarely, I’d make it to the coast. And then, I’d start walking north up the beach, towards Malibu. I would walk and walk. And eventually I would grow tired and walk back, or else I would wake up. Sometimes I’d wind up down by Marina del Rey. This went on for ages. And I was usually carrying all this baggage around, unsuccessfully trying to keep it from getting lost.

Once, though…

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