QotD: “opinions are genders, personalities are genders, moods are genders”

1 Sep

Anti-Porn Feminists

what’s next?

how about gendering animals? Fish are aquagender and have a fetish for water, dogs are caninegender, cats are felinegender, guinea pigs are cucumbergender or carrotgender….

Or food. If you like hot dogs you are sausagender and have more genders depending on the things you like on your hot dog. Same with pizza. For example you can be pizzagender and if you like more than one kind of pizza you are pizzafluid.

Or what about jobs? If you are a doctor you are doctorgender and if you get another job you are jobfluid. Or you can be a (oppressive) monojobber with only one job you entire life.

Or books/video games/. Are you a fantasygender, scifigender or a genrefluid? Are you straight but love gay movies? Congrats you are a hetero gaymovieromantic.

And every new gender comes with new exiting pronouns. :D

Yay more genders, more flags, more queer things…

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